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As we have only recently launched Mindful Market, we won't have as many independent shop owners yet for you to choose from. If you know a small business owner whose product or service would be a good fit, send them our way! Together, we can build an incredible community. For your convenience in the meantime, we have stocked our site with thousands of products sold through Amazon that are in keeping with Mindful Market values. As the number of shops expands, these supplementary products will be phased out so we can help our small independent shop owners shine!

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Eat Me Like Air

Author: Halley Marie Shaw, Buffalo NY Sketch: Halley Marie Shaw. Photo Editing/Reimage: Kerry Fey Author

Jim Kupczyk


Should I (You) Go Vegan?

 I live in Buffalo, NY - the home of the Chicken Wing and Beef on Weck.  I have been on this

Jim Kupczyk


Toxic Toys?

Children are our future, and part of conscious parenting means paying attention to not only how we



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Beautiful soul, great wisdom

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A fantastic teacher and community

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Great program

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Iffa Roma


The lunar wild box is a beautiful gift for anyone with | Read more >

Jordan Gale

A Gift of Empowerment

As both a healthcare professional and a woman I chose | Read more >


Love this ceramic canteen!

I received this canteen about a year ago and really | Read more >


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