Art of Energy Transformation, LLC

Lifestyle Energy Tools for the New Earth Energies, healing without trauma. Individual sessions/group healing/classes for yourself or to become a Practitioner.

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Art of Energy Transformation, LLC

Individual Sessions /•From a place of conscious intent, you are guided to release old patterns and invite new ones, to live a life of purpose along the path you are intended. 

• In person in the office /• Distance healing by phone/Skype is another way to work together. It allows us to work together no matter where you are in the world. /• “Mini Session” are also available and very healing when time is limited and you need a tune-up. Only 15 mins. 

Soul Charts /to support an individuals, families or groups in healing and manifesting. I use a combination of one or more charts that are energetically determined by the individual/group and their intentions. 

Group Healing/These sessions can be done in person with entire group or as an intention for an individual as part of the group. I incorporate Soul charts and group healing for individuals, families or businesses. It quite fun and very transformative. 

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