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Akamai Basics

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Akamai Basics

Our Philosophy

We believe clean and healthy skin, hair and teeth can be achieved with far fewer products, chemicals and complexity. We’ve taken a radically simplified, back to basics, truly natural approach.

The Problem

A “Personal Care Industrial Complex” exists

Typical personal care products are fraught with unhealthy, unnecessary chemicals. Mainstream brands promote too many products, while advertisers & the media perpetuate misinformation about body care & grooming.

The reality is — the mainstream approach to personal care and grooming is out of control. If you believe the hype, then in order to have clean and healthy teeth, gums, skin and hair you need tons of products - the more you spend the better you will be - and it’s ok to douse yourself with a wide array of weird sounding synthetic chemicals. In this industry more is more – the more I pay, the better it is, the more I use the better I will be. There is nothing normal about what has become “the norm”.

Ask yourself, is the cumulative burden of all these chemicals we’re absorbing through our skin and mouth worth it? (not to mention the impact on our environment) Does it make sense to follow daily rituals and use products that can wage war on our body’s natural and complex microbiomes? Are we getting healthier skin, teeth and hair in the process? Do we really need to follow daily routines requiring so many products? Enough!

In the face of this, we take an outsider’s approach and show a simpler, healthier, smarter way.

“Akamai’s philosophy is music to the ears of non-toxic beauty advocates and minimalists alike.” — Treehugger

Make it as simple as possible but no simpler — Albert Einstein

The Solution

Our approach is rooted in the following 10 principles

1. Use the transdermal effect to improve health, choosing ingredients that are naturally rich in bioavailable nutrients, especially minerals (since we are all deficient).

2. Avoid synthetic chemicals. Sometimes even naturally derived ones can be harmful.

3. Design highly effective products that are multipurpose that anyone and everyone can use (not gender specific). Not as a tricky marketing move, rather as a sensible, practical thing to do.

4. Support our body's ecologies and skin & oral microbiomes. No overuse of anything (including essential oils). Leverage and support our body’s abilities to regulate and heal itself.

5. Only use time-tested, nourishing ingredients made by nature; "food grade", ideally in its whole form, minimally processed to retain nutrients.

6. Use the fewest number of ingredients possible. While still being highly effective.

7. Every ingredient has a real purpose and impact. No hype, no fillers, no "chemistry"; more like cooking a nourishing meal.

8. Offer fewer products. Versus an array of single purpose and nonessential.

9. Question authority, marketing and current advice. Use the wisdom of the past and get back to basics. Read labels, question ingredients. Use common sense and trust your gut.

10. Simplify protocols and routines - Less IS More. You only need the basics, the rest is fluff.


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