Cassia Organics

Cassia Organics

You can find us here Cassia Organics, just like most indie beauty brands is cruelty-free, vegan, and almost entirely organic. Going back to earth for naturally grown and harvested ingredients and using many wild-crafted herbs that are sustainably harvested and only available seasonally. We make it a point to use only a few carefully vetted suppliers that share our vision. We are so much more than just beauty; we continuously evolve to be kind

Cassia Organics


We believe in Mother Earth; the wellspring of all life. We believe in the spiritual connection to earth, moon, and sun as a daily ritual. As our ancestors before us, our relationship with nature is sacred. We believe in exploring the spaces between the natural world and that of the ethereal; indulging the senses in all that nature has to give, reminiscent of another world and time. We believe in gratitude and kindness to all of nature’s creatures. We believe that the relationship with our earth, with all life and with the energies of nature, should be a lifelong love affair.

We ask you to step outside and take a deep breath, reveling in the joy and miracle of abundant life on Planet Earth.


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