Crystalline Nectar Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Crystalline Nectar

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Crystalline Nectar

These Crystalline Malas are made with the upmost care and presence.  There is no use of Glue or artificial ingredients.  I energetically cleanse and charge every gemstone. I hand-select and carefully place each gemstone in the crystalline mala.  I hand-knot every knot with a specific prayer of peace, healing, love, and or abundance.  This is my passion and life purpose, to help awaken and heal myself and others.

***Please contact me if you have a budget that you need to work within :)


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We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Responsible Consumption And Production

Responsible Consumption And Production


  • Certificate in Aromatherapy
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner
  • Certified Color Aroma Therapist
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Certification in Herbal Therapeutic
  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)
  • Certified Psychic Society
  • Mindfulness Certification
  • Reiki - Level I
  • Certified Yoga Teacher