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Energy T™

The Energy T™ balances the subtle energies in the body, removes blockages and ultimately helps the recipient heal and harmonize himself/herself.

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Energy T™

Do you feel out of sync?  Want to be your best possible self? Are you into peak performance?

The Energy T™ is the world's first chi-infused T-shirt. The unique, HIGHLY- tested, quality Energy T™ is gaining popularity around the world. Universal chi energy is channeled into every fiber of each organic T-shirt. The Energy T™ balances the subtle energies in the body, removes energetic blockages and ultimately helps the recipient heal and harmonize himself/herself. Customers report more energy, increased happiness, better sleep and several other positive results as a result of wearing the Energy T™. Lifetime, unconditional money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.  

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Organic Cotton


  • (ISAR) International Society of Astrological Research
  • Mindfulness Certification
  • Quantum Touch Practitioner

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What happens when you wash the T-shirt?

Great question!  The universal chi energy infused into the T is more formidable than any soap and water.  It will outlast the physical T-shirt


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Energy T™

The World's First Chi-Infused T-shirt


    James Kupczyk was born and raised in Buffalo New York. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and in the top 7% of his High School class. James studied Engineering, Computer Science and later graduated college with a BS degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

    Jim has been called “a bridge to spirituality” due to his “all-American” persona which brings ease to the many who are foreign and uncomfortable with the concepts of metaphysics, principals of quantum physics and workings of Energy Medicine.

    Jim had a "moment of truth" which resulted in the genesis of the Energy T™.  He knew how progressive the idea of a chi-infused t-shirt was, but an inner voice (along with as much testing as he could find) urged him to follow through and launch the product in 2007.

    The Energy T™ is the world's first chi-energy T-shirt. This unique, tested, high quality Energy T™ is gaining popularity around the world. Universal chi energy is channeled into every fiber of each organic T-shirt. The Energy T™ balances the energies in the body, removes blockages and ultimately helps the recipient heal and harmonize himself/herself. Customers report more energy, increased happiness, better sleep and several other positive results as a result of wearing the Energy T™.

    Lifetime, unconditional money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Mission Statement

    Help people achieve balance in all facets of their life.

Our Location

    Buffalo, New York. 14201

jim kupczyk

Shop owner


I was happy to hear, through a mutual friend, that Hugh Jackman was wearing his Black Energy T backstage before the opening of “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway”. My friend called me and was ecstatic, saying the Energy T helps him to focus and get into character

“The essence of life is the energy of the mind and its wealth of power to drive, inspire and heal all woes. With the knowledge of how you are going to use it, propels what you want and what it will take to reach your goals by maintaining crystal clear focus.” – Goldie Hawn

I am honored that Goldie wears her white/white Energy T to yoga, as it lifts her spirits and helps her concentration. 20% of the proceeds of sales of the white Energy T will be sent to “The Hawn Foundation” which develops programs to help children find happiness and success in school and life.

Great seeing you too. We are both wearing our tee shirts and i swear that i feel a tingling in my neck! this is crazy. I just put it on about half hour ago and i am so excited.I absolutely love the logo. Green is a good healing color too. What are you doing tomorrow night? We would love to have you over if you don’t have plans. let me know. Ann Marie

Hello Jim,
I am happy to hear from you. I have been trying to find your business card so I could thank you for your energy T and update you on my progress. I am fabulous – pain free for the first time in probably 8 months. I wore your shirt Thursday night to bed and woke up pain free Friday. I was thrilled to say the least. I have been mostly pain free since ( I continue to wear your t-shirt on a regular basis). I can’t thank you and Darlene enough!!!  Barb

Hey Jim,
I didn’t talk to my daughter over the weekend, but she called and left a voice message for me saying how it was the first time in months that she had no pain on Friday. I tried calling her back but didn’t get in touch with her. She sounded very happy and very grateful. I knew the T-shirt would help her
am so excited for you this is going to be HUGE. You must feel wonderful knowing how you can benefit so many people. Maria

Good Morning Jim,
I couldn’t wait to tell you about the socks! My ex-Mother in Law called me on Friday evening. She wore the socks to work on Thursday and she said she didn’t notice much difference in her feet but she has been having really bad pain in her one shoulder and shooting pain down her arm. She didn’t tell anyone about it, but she was worried she might be having a stroke. After wearing the socks all day Thursday she was totally pain free and could lift her arm over her head which she was unable to do in the morning. She couldn’t believe how much it helped her arm. I told her that the energy goes to where it needs it the most and she probably didn’t see much difference in her feet yet but would if she continued to wear them. Pretty cool, kind of like when you were treating my back and I could feel the energy going to my foot that I had the surgery on.

I will keep you posted!

Thanks so much  Darlene

Darlene had success with the Ts and asked me to run energy into a pair of socks

Hey – last night I didn’t wear the T to bed because I washed it and it wasn’t dry. I slept like sssshhhhhiiiiiitttttt! And, my back gave me issues again. So, I’m wearing it under my sweater now. HA! Unreal. Julie

Jim! I can’t tell you the last time I slept through the night undisturbed. My back doesn’t hurt getting up and I slept like a newborn baby! Unreal. I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to send you my testimonial yesterday but I’ll get it to you today. Yesterday was so busy and I didn’t finish with my last appt. until after 6:00. I’m so tired this morning from all the sleep. I think I could have slept allllll day.

Hey, I wanted to tell you of some things that are being experienced since receiving my energy t-shirts. The girlfriend was starting to get a migraine. She decided to test the tee I gave her and wore it to “ward-off” the migraine. She proceeded to take an hour nap and woke refreshed minus the headache. Her comment was ” I never take a nap, in the middle of the afternoon like that”. That night she wore the shirt to bed and slept soundly for 10.5 hours, once again waking energized. My au-pair was given a shirt wanting to relieve joint aches and poor sleeping. She retreated to a quiet place put on her tee , immediately felt a warmth and fell asleep through the night in a chaise lounge waking up feeling relieved and minus the twisted back she gave herself that day. I personally have noticed a greater range of movement in my tennis elbow and relief from a bad ankle after wearing the tee just one night. But, one of the funniest things came f! rom my 12 yr old son. I had totally forgot that I told him to wear the shirt to bed to help with what sounded to me like a nasal cold coming on. At the dinner table the next night he said ” Dad, I think that tee-shirt really worked last night. I definitely felt better in the morning.” Pretty amazing stuff because he really has no concept of what the shirt is all about. He just wore it because I thought it might help him and it did.
Having talked to people that were given Energy Tees I think what we are experiencing is immediate “relief” of all the middle-age dis-comforts we all seem to have in a night. I am hoping to hear of emotional energy centering in the next couple of days. I will keep you informed.

Thanks for energizing our tees,
Rick L. Chicago Il

Hi Jim,
I just got home and asked Erika about the shirt. She said that she had pain in her neck and behind her eyes, but they are both gone since she put the shirt on.


Hey Jim,
I have been sick for a couple of weeks. I was about to go to the Dr. for some medication but decided to give the Energy T a shot. Not knowing what to expect, I must say I feel a lot better after wearing for only one night. It is hard to describe the great energy I felt while wearing the T. Thanks a bunch!

Derek Roy
Buffalo Sabres

Hey jim – thanks so much for the energy shirt.  it was great to see you at the show on sunday night.  been too long!  apologies if i seemed a little distracted, i was completely exhausted.  we went straight from the venue in milwaukee to the airport and then to the tralf.  we were running on crappy airplane sleep.

i’ve been feeling pretty spent ever since.  the energy shirt was sitting on my dresser this morning so i thought i’d pop it on.  looks really cool.  anyhow, i must tell ya old friend that i’m not a ‘believer’ in this sort of energy healing thing.  but because i know what a passionate guy you are, i thought i would see what it was all about.  when i put that shirt on i felt different almost immediately.  the best way to describe it is that i felt ‘lighter’, like a tingle or something.  difficult to describe but i still feel it as i type this.  does that make sense?  i’m going to wear this shirt all day today.  email you tonight.

thanks, jim.

[Jeremy is the lead singer of one of Buffalo’s most popular bands- Strictly Hip and the Jeremy Hoyle Band]

I am Benedicte from Geneva,Switzerland: I am the girlfriend of Michal Grosek, the friend of D.Shannon, We get 2 of your shirt and we tried it and it was just amazing! I am Physiotherapist and Acupunctor and I am very interested in your t- shirt.
I would like to know if I can buy you some of this shirt and sell it to in my center? I manage actually one medical center in geneva with around 17 therapists (Physiotherapist, Osteopath, naturopath, reflexologue, massages, Riiki, Shiatsu and acupuncture) and I think it very appropriate to have also your t-shirt to sell to the patient to help them to feel better… I would like to know how its possible to deal with you?

In waiting some news from you I wish you a good Day!
best Regard

Benedicte Lasserre

Hey Jim,
Just wanted to let you know that i went to see Bob last Monday and laid your Tshirt over him. He’s the guy  I told u about, who is in constant pain, from shingles and other complications stemming from having part of his stomach removed due to cancer. When i first got there he said that he was “cold”, so cold down to his bones. After we talked for a few minutes I asked him if he felt anything from the shirt, He said he felt warmth and it felt so good to be warm. A few days later his daughter called me to tell me that he wore the shirt to sleep, and that night was the first good night sleep he had gotten in a long time. He usually only sleeps about 20 min. a night. I’ll keep you posted if i hear anything else.


Dear Jim,
Many people cross my daily path and each brings something to my Spiritual table. Throughout my visits with you; I can say unequivocally, that you have continued to consistently bring increased abundance in terms of energy, hope, enthusiasm and knowledge. Your God given healing gift has been heightened by your sincere desire and drive to be the best healer you can be; as well as the best human being you can channel that gift through. I have tremendous respect for what you are doing with your energy healing and have no doubt that your practice will explode exponentially with help and healing for many. I wear my healing tee on a daily basis and find it has increased in results with continued wear! Thank you for your sincerity, light and authenticity.

Blessings Always,
Peggy Lynch


Energy T™

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