Hashi Khushi

Hashi Khushi

Hashi Khushi

Hashi Khushi is an innovative nutritious snack that every child can enjoy, every parent can trust and every family can afford.

Made with the local ingredients families know and love, and fortified with the vitamins and minerals that growing children need, Hashi Khushi is the safe, convenient and delicious alternative to add-water cereals and unhealthy snacks. Found in the shops, stalls and markets that families visit every day, Hashi Khushi is committed to support the well-being of communities across Bangladesh.

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Made from the finest ingredients and manufactured to international standards, Care Nutrition is committed to delivering happiness and improving the health of families throughout Bangladesh.


  1. EarlyBird! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    EarlyBird! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    Special Price US$45.00 Regular Price US$96.00
  2. AdoptASchool (Give 19K|Get 15)
    AdoptASchool (Give 19K|Get 15)
    Special Price US$1,000.00 Regular Price US$1,918.00
  3. Blanket! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    Blanket! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    Special Price US$189.00 Regular Price US$242.00
  4. MissionDrvn (Give 1500|Get 30)
    MissionDrvn (Give 1500|Get 30)
    Special Price US$99.00 Regular Price US$187.00
  5. Office Fuel (Give 900|Get 300)
    Office Fuel (Give 900|Get 300)
    Special Price US$299.00 Regular Price US$465.00
  6. Bracelet! (Give 600 | Get 30)
    Bracelet! (Give 600 | Get 30)
    Special Price US$79.00 Regular Price US$97.00
  7. Help Out! (Give 180 | Get 0)
    Help Out! (Give 180 | Get 0)
    Special Price US$9.00 Regular Price US$18.00
  8. TasteTest (Give 180 | Get 21 )
    TasteTest (Give 180 | Get 21 )
    Special Price US$29.00 Regular Price US$44.00
  9. Adventure! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    Adventure! (Give 400 | Get 45)
    Special Price US$59.00 Regular Price US$96.00
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