Lee Ann Heltzel

Lee Ann Heltzel

MetaArt: Where art becomes a portal to higher consciousness.

Lee Ann Heltzel

MetaArt is a new genre of visual art that actively transforms the space it inhabits to that of a specific frequency. And, when meditated upon, has a profound effect on the individual.

Imagine a form of art that creates a portal directly into higher conscious realms transforming the space and unconsciously enlightening and inspiring the individual.

Imagine walking into a room that is vibrating with the frequency of Peace, gracefully shifting all who enter into a state of Peace within themselves. Or Joy, Love, etc., depending on the painting.

Ocular Meditation is a new way to meditate. Understanding that vision is the strongest of the human senses to help us assimilate our surroundings, it makes sense to use our eyes during meditation, or ‘gazing’. With MetaArt, we can step through that portal of this reality into higher states of consciousness effortlessly. Meditating with MetaArt allows a deeper interaction with the frequency channeled resulting in a dynamic sensory experience that goes deeper each time.