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The Calm Monkey

The Calm Monkey is the industry leader in training and certifying passionate meditators to become mindfulness meditation facilitators in their workplace or community. Learn to introduce mindfulness in your workplace or for your client organizations.


The Calm Monkey

The Calm Monkey is the pioneer and leader in training experienced meditators to become skilled facilitators in the workplace and in the community.

Here we have three unique offers:

1)  Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification program.

2)  Workplace mindfulness implementation coaching.

3)  'Dealing with Change Toolkit' to help you through you difficult changes in life using mindfulness.


Our flagship Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification program steps you through the highly practical and best practices approach to create or expand a workplace or community program, and become a skilled mindfulness facilitator. Includes quick-start toolkit and community of practice of like-minded people worldwide.

  • Do a quick Free Preview of the training (link lower down on this page).

What you will learn:

  • Best practices on how to get support and promote, start and grow a respected, evidence-based, workplace-friendly, secular (non-spiritual, non-religious) program.
  • Understand what risks you can pose to yourself and your participants without training credentials.
  • Trends and issues in the mindfulness field - what every facilitator should know - such as trauma, neurodiversity and how A.I. is impacting mindfulness. 
  • How to skillfully lead live, guided meditations.
  • Build your knowledge, confidence and credibility.

What supports you ongoing:

  • Earns you the title of ‘Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator’. 
  • Includes a quick-start toolkit with a very rich resource library of scripts and mindfulness practices, sample communication templates, outlines, participant handouts, and more.

  • Belong to a vibrant, worldwide facilitator community who are very supportive & happy to help out.
Who is this for?

Practitioners of mindfulness and meditation who want to:

  • Become a skilled, confident facilitator and help others discover these practices.
  • Have a best practices framework for a quality program.

Our community is comprised of wonderfully diverse, compassionate facilitators - some are employees working in organizations, business owners, retirees, etc. Read more on our website. 

Find out more about the Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training Course & Certification Program.

Questions are more than welcome at [email protected]



  • CMF (Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation)
  • Mindfulness Certification
  • Mindfulness Teacher Certification

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