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The Calm Monkey

The Calm Monkey is the industry leader in training and certifying passionate meditators to become mindfulness meditation facilitators in their workplace or community.

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The Calm Monkey

The Facilitator Training online, self-paced course steps you through the practical and programmatic approach to create or expand a workplace or community program. Includes a great quick-start toolkit and online community of practice.

Optionally get your Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Certification to build your credibility.

Bundle the Training & Certification together for the best value and interact with Wendy Quan!

The Calm Monkey's Facilitator Training course (SIGN-UP FOR THE FREE PREVIEW):

  • includes a valuable quick-start toolkit with sample communication templates, agenda outlines, participant handouts, meditation scripts, meditation recordings and background music, 
  • teaches you how to get support to start an ongoing program, promote and grow the program,
  • best practices and mistakes to avoid,
  • how to lead live, guided meditations and create the experience to help others discover and continue this important life practice. 
  • includes The Calm Monkey's  online community (closed Facebook group) to interact with other facilitators worldwide.

The optional Certification Program:

  • earns you the title of ‘Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator’.
  • builds your credibility.
  • builds your confidence with access to Wendy Quan and the community for mentorship.
  • be an essential part of live group meetings exclusively with other certified facilitators.

Find out more about the Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training Course & Certification Program, and also see the bundle here!

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