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Money has a way of causing a lot of chaos in life.

You’re either working your tail off to make more of it or figuring out how to not sell yourself out in pursuit of it.

Unfortunately neither of these paths alone will ever lead to true prosperity.

Instead the key to living prosperously is the ability to navigate the two opposing forces within your relationship with money — the one that tells you to surrender, allow things to unfold and “let things happen” and the one that tells you to take control and “make things happen”.

Many people fall short of reaching prosperity because they are, unconsciously, giving too little attention to one and too much to the other.

It would be great if it were easy to change on your own but that isn’t typically the case.

That’s because you’re money beliefs are tucked away in your psyche and, as a result, do not go away on their own nor do they go away by repeating mantras over and over again.

Prosperity is the reward that comes to those who discover how to identify and let go of the beliefs that are causing you to judge and label the opposing force as bad or “less than”.

By learning how to strategically balance what you do with who you are, you can learn to harmonize your heart, reconcile the creation of your own wholeness and, ultimately, become holistically successful.

The iPROSPER™ process found within The Mindful Millionaire book (coming to bookstores in Winter 2020) and workshops shows you how to transform your relationship with money in 8 easy-to-follow steps.

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