Badass Bandit

Badass Bandit

We produce and curate the best quality, organic 'hemp and wellness' products formulated to help you heal and find balance.

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Badass Bandit

Rising from the ashes of 2020 (as a rebrand and a re-boot), Badass Bandit epitomizes all of us: strong, resilient, kind and well, pretty Badass! Every day we witness the power that cannabinoids have to change lives. They balance your endo-cannabinoid system, a system that is as important as any other system in our body. In fact, the ECS modulates the immune system, the endocrine system the central nervous system, which means that cannbainoids are useful for a number of issues as well as stay emotionally balanced.

We formulate our products using both Full Spectrum as well as Broad Spectrum oils. We source our hemp form certified Organic or Regenerative farms, as well as growing some ourselves. Our products currently focus on CBD and CBG, which is the Mother Cannabinoid and the precursor to CBD, CBC, and THC. The beauty of CBG is that it will not get you 'high' but when mixed with CBD, It essentially enhances the effects of the CBD as well as providing anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and sleep-enhancing benefits.

We currently sell CBD, CBG and 1:1 Tinctures, Affordable Luxury Skincare and Whole Hemp Flower.


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We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

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