Chad's Chai - creating the best organic, loose-leaf tea.

Chad's Chai

Creating and curating organic, loose-leaf teas worth sharing.

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Chad's Chai

Chad's Chai creates and curates high-quality loose-leaf teas for both long-time tea lovers and the average consumer. Celebrating the goodness that grows all around us, Chad's Chai is committed to organic ingredients and to never relying on artificial or even "natural” flavorings to create delicious, balanced, and full-flavored teas. While holding to these commitments, our end goal with every blend is to create tea worth sharing.


No Dyes and Color Additives

No Artificial Ingredients

No Preservatives



Made by Hand

Made with Love

Made in the USA

Supports Charity

Supports the Developing World

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We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Good Health

Clean Water And Sanitation

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