Clean is Cool Soap Sticks (450g)

Clean is Cool Soap Sticks (450g)

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Clean is cool, so we wash our hands now more than ever. With hygiene and sustainability in mind, we developed a great no-mess refill solution - soap stick refills! Simply drop the soap sticks into your reusable dispenser, let it melt, and you're ready for a safe, ocean-friendly way to wash hands. Easy to use and with no sticky residue. It's good for you, your family, and your household. You can also use it as a single-use soap, or for traveling while keeping your personal hygiene. A Pack of Soap Sticks to Rethink Soap Use: Soap & hand washing is essential for the household. You clean in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower—almost every room needs some kind of soap. Many people opt for plastic bottled liquid soaps, but here’s what happens when the bottles are empty and “recycled”: over a billion plastic bottles in the soap category end up in garbage or recycling every year, and 75% make their way to the landfills, which take ≈ 450 years to decompose. In addition, liquid soap bottles take 5x more energy to produce & transport, which increases carbon footprint—a shocking reality. Mooi Space decided to create the Clean is Cool Soap Sticks to solve this dilemma. Soap sticks are tube-shaped, natural soap pieces that can be inserted into any soap dispenser. The more sticks inserted, the thicker the soap consistency is, customizable upon preference. Dissolve with warm tap water to create liquid soap or keep it solid for soap needs on the go, such as going on a trip to the beach with the children or in public restrooms. It is a natural and simple way of cleaning & washing without the harsh chemicals found in a pre-made liquid soap bottle on the market. How to Use Soap Sticks: You can use soap sticks to refill your glass or plastic soap bottles you’re looking to reuse. It can also be used in solid form as a personal soap on the go! We will go through every method of using soap sticks with a step-by-step guide. Use as liquid soap - 1. Prepare a soap dispenser. Mousse dispensers also work perfectly. 2. Drop 4-8 soap sticks into the dispenser, depending on your preference of soap consistency. 3. Pour in warm water 4. Shake it up & let it sit. You can start using it even if it is not completely dissolved. 5. Ready to go - enjoy your new cleaning/washing experience! Note: Separation is normal because of its natural ingredients. Just give it a shake and it’s ready to use! Use as solid soap - 1. Bring it to the beach or park (make sure to use it 200 ft away from water so bacteria in the sand/soil can biodegrade the soap properly) Roadtrips, school, or after a trip to the grocery store 2. Use it as your own personal soap to promote personal hygiene in public restrooms
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