Clear Spring

Clear Spring

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Clear Spring

The gate to the spiritual world is inside of us. And besides that, there are other gates too. Inside and outside in the natural world. Even in the outer reality, sometimes miraculous things happen, when the veil between the spirit realm and our awake consciousness momentarily lifts up, when magical synchronicities happen, or when we just know, or even see, hear, or touch something out of ordinary with our physical senses. 

When we begin to go inward, endless worlds open up. With imagination, we build these worlds and we engage with them as they come alive. The imagination eventually turns into intuition when we have the experience in seeing and engaging with things that we could not have known previously. When for example by doing shamanic practices, meditation, or with the gift of plant medicines, we connect the dots from previous lives to this present one. Or when we ask a question, go inward and find the answer to something that we could not have ever known with our everyday cognitive minds.

The spirit realm is as vast as consciousness itself, with endless beings and possibilities. And since that is our home, we benefit tremendously if we discover the secrets of where we came from, where we headed, or even just what are we doing here now, why did we come here.

Let’s honor this time on our Earth, this sacred beautiful being, by learning to heal, and then we will spread the healing all around us. This healing can only begin with Me, and this healing can only begin with You.


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