Love Some Bunny

Love Some Bunny

Animals make up over 99% of the life on Earth. As our companions and our partners on this planet, it is important that we respect and protect our animal friends. In support of all our furry (and not so furry) friends, we have put together this list of our favorite cruelty free beauty products that will help you showcase your love for animals.
Shopping Options
Low Impact
  1. Fragrance Free 1 item
  2. Vegan 3 items
Renewable Resources
  1. Bamboo 1 item
  2. Cork 1 item
Featured Qualities
Nasty Free
  1. Hypoallergenic 1 item
  2. Non-Toxic 1 item
Social Responsibility
  1. Biodegradable 1 item
  2. Cruelty Free 5 items
  3. Made in the USA 1 item
  4. Non-Toxic 1 item
Dietary Content
  1. Protein 1 item
  2. Essential Oils 2 items
  3. Vegan 3 items
  4. Vegetarian 2 items
Specialty Diets
  1. Vegan 3 items
  2. Vegetarian 2 items
  1. US$0.00 - US$10.00 2 items
  2. US$10.00 - US$20.00 5 items
  3. US$20.00 and above 1 item
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