Daddy Sam's

Daddy Sam's

Way back in 1883, 16-year-old Sam Oglesby got off a stagecoach in Mertzon, Texas. He bought a cowboy hat at the general store and before long he’d married the pretty shop clerk who sold it to him. Soon they were raising a pack of kids on their West Texas ranch. They served up a lot of barbeque at the family table. Everyone called him Daddy Sam and everyone loved his Bar-B-Que Sawce. Now you can love it too. Just Slop It On!

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Daddy Sam's


Certified Kosher

No Alcohol

No Big 8 Allergen

No Caffeine

Cholesterol free

No Corn

No Dairy

No Dyes and Color Additives

No Eggs

No Fat

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We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Clean Water And Sanitation

Climate Action

Life Below Water

Pease, Justice And Strong Institutions

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