Deep Rooted Woman

Deep Rooted Woman

I created Deep Rooted Woman from a Desire. A Desire to Create Gorgeous, Unique, High Quality Malas & Essential Oil Blends Embedded with Healing Alignments to Help You Create The Life You Want ! All my products are made by hand by me ( and with love) infused with healing alignments and bathed under the moon .

Deep Rooted Woman

Using Malas changed my life, it put me in alignment with my dreams so that I could let them in and create real change.

This created a desire to create a line of high quality hand made Malas so that others can experience this incredible life changing tool.

I spend hours hand picking gemstones, charms and creating my essential oils blends to ensure my clients have a gorgeous piece that will give them pleasure and create deep healing. Each Mala and crystal used in my oils are bathed under the moon and embedded with healing alignments.

My biggest dream is that every person who touches my Malas & Oils remembers their magick and creates the life they dream about! xo Alison


  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)
  • Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practioner

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