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Earth-In Canteen is a stoneware water bottle made in Northern California from American clay. Finally a sustainable, American-made and healthy canteen!

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Earth-In USA

Earth-In USA non-toxic, sustainably made stoneware water bottles made in Northern California from American clay


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I'm such a clutz. Are the canteens fragile? 

We hear this one a lot! Earth-In Canteens and Earth-In Steins are American Stoneware, which is to say that they are high fired and highly durable.Think of everyday dishes or your favorite coffee mug. In fact, we slide ours in the bike holder on daily bike rides around town. Nowadays there are many hydration vessels designed for different activities. We recommend Earth-In Canteen for everyday life :: home, office, commute and yoga practice. We’ve noticed that we handle glass and pottery slightly more careful than plastic or metal but this is an unconscious adjustment we make all the time.

What else besides water can I put in an Earth-In Canteen?

Fill a canteen with your favorite beverage- kombucha, juices, beer, wine, cold-brew coffee, whatever- no worries about reaction with acidic or alkaline drinks. Some customers use canteens as a light-blocking container to preserve fine olive oils or use for drinking essential oil infused water. Slip a koozie or insulating sleeve over the canteen if you want to use the bottle for hot drinks. If the cork gets funky, wash it with mild soapy water, rinse and dry in the sunshine. We also sell low-cost replacement corks.

How do you clean an Earth-In Canteen? Are they dishwasher safe?

We suggest using gentle, environmentally-friendly dish/dishwasher soap for handwashing or dishwasher. Our durable stoneware can withstand the same kind of handling of every day dishes or coffee mugs. Occasionally we’ll rinse the interior of our canteens separately with boiling hot water to kill any bacteria. Although stoneware is naturally insulating, remember that the heat will transfer through the wall and can be hot to the touch (just like a coffee mug without a handle).  Do not expose Earth-In Canteens to a stovetop or open flame. Corks can be safely washed with the mild, preferably unscented dish soap, rinsed well and air dried in the SUNSHINE.

Why, how and where are they made?

In response to people’s (and our) concerns over products Made in China or the 'metallic taste' of metal bottles, we bring you Earth-In Canteen, a certified lead-free, non-toxic stoneware water bottle. Made from all natural non-toxic clay, certified lead-free glazes, water, and fire here where we live in the US-  We handcraft our Earth-In Canteen ceramic bottles using traditional pottery techniques in the foothills of the Coastal Range of Nothern California. The process starts with an old-school 'plaster of paris' like slip-mold that we created from our original ceramic bottle designs. We pour slip (or liquid clay) into each mold and fire these in the kiln. Once cooled and removed from the cast, we hand smooth the lip and base, hand dip each bottle in glaze, hand stamp our mark on the base of each bottle and once again high-fire the Earth-In Canteens in the kiln to harden and seal the glaze. It's amazing and surprising to see how each piece is unique visually and to the touch. All our clay and glaze materials are sourced in the US.


True or False: Is cork the greenest bottle top? TRUE!

What's the deal with cork? Can I get an extra cork stopper?

Each Earth-In ceramic canteen is topped with a natural cork stopper from sustainably harvested from the cork oak woodlands of Portugal and other endemic Mediterranean cork oak forests.

We LOVE cork. Let us count the reasons why:

  1. There is no other material, either manmade or natural, with all the properties and characteristics that are unique to cork: light weight, rot resistant, compressible and recoverable, expandable, fire resistant in its natural state, impermeable, soft, and eventually biodegradable. Did you know cork is also recyclable? All Whole Foods Stores recycle corks. Check for other locations.
  2. The cork forest is the natural dominant ecosystem in much of the arid coastal areas in its range. Thriving on poor, sandy soil, the cork forest is a valuable resource that provides food and habitat for indigenous mammals and birds. The oak canopy provides cover for other flora and its deep root system protects against erosion.
  3. The Portuguese cork forest acts as a carbon sink for 4.8 million tons of CO2. The value of CO2 absorbed by this indigenous forest is estimated to be an offset of 113.2g of CO2 per cork. Not too shab! Producing metal screw caps and plastic stoppers requires more non-renewable energy (10 times more for a screw cap) and creates toxic by-products especially from petrochemicals (plastic stoppers). Making a cork creates 24 times less greenhouse gas than producing a metal screw cap. (source: Cork Forest Alliance)
    Second, Cork trees (like all trees) absorb millions of tons of greenhouse gases, and cork trees that are being harvested actually absorb 3-5 times more greenhouse gases. (source: 100% Cork)
  4. In case you were wondering, harvesting the cork layer doesn’t harm the trees AND it protects traditional communities. Cork can only be harvested by hand which requires artisanal knowledge passed through generations. In the past ten years, cork’s share of the market has declined from 95% to 70% (source: LA Times) forcing cork prices down and making it hard for producers to recoup harvesting costs. Consequently, growers have been selling off their cork forests. Much like in the Amazon Rain Forest, the new owners, farmers or industrialists, cut down the trees. The fastest way to reverse this downward spiral is to buy cork. Choosing a cork lid for an Earth-In Canteen or wine bottle helps to preserve the fabric of centuries old communities, primarily in rural Portugal. Cork is good- choose cork instead of plastic!

What's in the clay and glaze? Lead-free?

Health and safety is why we do what we do. All our ceramic products are cadmium-free and lead-free. We meet and exceed both US and California safety standards for food use. Our canteens are naturally non-toxic, so no worries about heavy metals or hidden health hazards. 

At the Federal and California State levels, there are regulations ensuring the safety of pottery regarding exposure to lead and cadmium.FDA – On a federal level, the FDA regulates and sets standards for exposure to lead and cadmium from food contact surfaces. Prop 65 – The State of California requires that tableware meets the Federal Standards set by the FDA. California Prop 65 is another standard, specific to California, for exposure to lead and cadmium in tableware.

Can I have my logo printed or stamped on a bottle or cork?

We’d love to brainstorm how to customize canteens with your artwork or logo. We can do anything from custom glazes to laser etching to stamping your logo on a cork stopper or front of canteen. Feel free to contact us at to begin the conversation.

What if something in my order broke during shipping?  
Report any breakage in shipment to Earth-In USA within 5 days of receiving the shipment. Please fill out the online contact us form with your order information. We’ll get back to you asking for a photo of the breakage.

What happens to my personal information? 
When you submit the order form and the contact form, we collect personally-identifiable information to help us fulfill your order. Information we collect includes your name, e-mail address, physical mailing address and phone number. We do not maintain a record of your credit card information.

We only use your personal information to communicate with you, including our newsletters (from which you may opt out) and other communications related to your order.


Shipping Policy
We do our best to ship orders out within 1-2 days upon receiving your order. We like to ship with USPS Priority Mail or UPS depending where you are. We pass along our shipping discount to keep your cost down.

Shipping Options
USPS Priority Mail or UPS to US and Canada

Returns & Exchanges

We warranty our ceramic canteens for up to one month from purchase for proven defects in manufacture. If you encounter issues with your Earth-In Canteen, please fill out the online contact us form with details and we’ll help resolve the issue.

Just let us know soon after ordering so we can delete your order before we pack and ship

Privacy Policy

When you submit the order form and the contact form, we collect personally-identifiable information to help us fulfill your order. Information we collect includes your name, e-mail address, physical mailing address and phone number. We do not maintain a record of your credit card information.

We only use your personal information to communicate with you, including our newsletters (from which you may opt out) and other communications related to your order.

Earth-In USA

Ceramic water bottles made in California from clay and topped with sustainable cork stoppers. No plastic!

About We've been in the reusable water bottle business for about fifteen years. The bottles we promoted were a solution to some big problems but also complicit in others. A lot of our customers shared concerns over Made in China. Some customers simply complained their water bottles tasted metallic. These real concerns led us back to a Julia Butterfly Hill question that began it all: why doesn’t someone make this out of this? This material was right under our nose all along: Clay from the top layer of ground here in California, USA, Earth. Earthen. We bring you the Earth-In Canteen, a return to an ancient and truly natural way to carry water, designed and fired in Northern California from American clay and certified lead-free, non-toxic glazes.

Mission Statement

We anticipated skepticism just like we did with the introduction of an opaque metal water bottle. Stoneware is durable but it can break and may look heavy. We’ve adjusted to the differences just fine and it feels amazing. Why not mix functional art and hydration? We invite you to feel the peace of drinking pure water from a local, honest, perfectly natural, and totally sustainably-made canteen. We asked our gut what was good and this is it.

What We Believe In
We believe in fairness. We believe in doing good work and having fun in the process.. We believe in drinking clean water and getting in it often.

Our Location 

We live and work in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Earth-In USA

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