Layered Chakra Candles With Healing Stones

Layered Chakra Candles With Healing Stones

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Each color represents one of the 7 layered chakras and is infused with Reiki healing energy. These vibrant layered chakra candles provide a focus point for meditation, they also provide the air around you with scents made from Floral essential oils to correspond with each chakra to balance them. The healing stones release good vibrations and are energetically charged. When the candle is finished, let wax cool, remove crystals and wash with soap and hot water. The healing stones provided in each candle: Amethyst- works to bring tranquility to the mind and opens the third eye chakra Howlite- A calming stone, it teaches patience and helps eliminate rage, pain and stress. Lapis Lazuli- The center of intuition and wisdom, enhancing the ability to turn inward and uncover your truth. Clear Quartz- Stimulates the crown chakra, it enhances psychic abilities and aids in concentration. it harmonizes all the chakras, aligns and bring the body to balance. Red Jasper- Stimulates the root chakra, it controls the energy of movement it is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. Red Aventurine- Benefits the nervous system it helps balance blood pressure, burn fat and lower cholesterol. It assists in areas of fertility, and hormonal imbalances. Green Aventurine- Comforts, harmonizes and protects the heart and helps attract love. It attracts abundance and success it has soothing energy and helps with unresolved emotional issues.
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Earthly Essentials by Ciara
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