Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with 800mg CBD (70% Alcohol) *BOGO 16oz REFILLS*

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with 800mg CBD (70% Alcohol) *BOGO 16oz REFILLS*

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Now you can SAVE and Reduce Waste by refilling your 1 oz-4 oz containers! What it is: REFILL OPTION: Our 800mg 16oz CBD Hand Sanitizer with 70% Alcohol is intended to be used topically on the hands to help reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and germs. We added CBD, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba to keep your skin from drying out. Increased use of alcohol can cause small fissures (or cracks) on the skin which can allow MORE bacteria to enter the body through touch, so it is important to moisturize as well as sanitize! Hand Sanitizer does NOT kill 100% of harmful bacteria and germs so additional protective measures should always be taken, including washing your hands! When Covid-19 changed most of the world’s daily lives in a matter of hours, we were beyond grateful that our Kb Pure Essentials family was set up to be able to help. Although we are a small business, directly impacted by this change, we want our customers to know we are still here to help YOU! If that means developing a new product and changing our production process, we will do that! We will always be a caring family of passionate women dedicated to making people feel healthy, happy and beautiful! Why its special: We are re-dedicating approximately 50% of our production time and equipment to making moisturizing Hand Sanitizer for our customers and local community. We will be donating 10% of finished product to local elderly homes and homeless shelters through at least July 2020. Profits from sales through the end of the year will go back into the business to buy larger amounts of ingredients and increase production (which also increases how much we can donate!) Our 200mg CBD Hand Sanitizer may also help relieve irritated skin or discomfort in the joints! How it works: Using over 60% Alcohol Sanitizers topically can help reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and germs. While it doesn’t kill everything, it is a great additional protective measure after washing your hands or if you are unable to wash your hands. Adding 200mg of hemp CBD, aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E will help prevent the hands from drying out, but we still recommend you moisturize your hands daily. Our 250mg Hemp CBD Lotion is a great compliment to our 200mg CBD Hand Sanitizer! How to use it: Apply a small amount into the hands and rub them together for 20-30 seconds. Allow 5-10 seconds to dry. WARNING: THIS IS FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY. THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR WASHING YOUR HANDS. HAND SANITIZER DOES NOT KILL 100% OF HARMFUL GERMS OR BACTERIA SO ALWAYS TAKE ADDITIONAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES INCLUDING WASHING YOUR HANDS! Legally speaking, the only restriction on whole plant hemp products is that they must contain less than, or equal to, 0.3% THC by weight. Anything over 0.3% THC by weight is considered a marijuana product; for which you need a medical marijuana card in some states.
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