KQ Unplugged

KQ Unplugged

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KQ Unplugged

I am Kristin Quattlebaum - intuitive, wisdom keeper, activator, liberator, disruptor, purpose guide, possibilitarian, teacher + truth seeker.

You have a deep desire to create + be more. You stand out because you choose not to be bound by limits + other people's rules. You are ready to take your soul's journey to the next level + to remember who TF you are. You may not know how we'll work together but you know that you feel called to begin.

I stand, you stand; together, we rise.

OFFERINGS | teaching intuition, intuitive strategy, purpose + business mentorship, speaking, retreats

website | magical forest fundraiser | instagram | facebook | youtube podcast (available on spotify + apple)



  • Certified Life Coach (CLC)

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