Why Generation Z is The Most Conscious Consumer Generation Yet

Chances are, the idea of brand loyalty will become more complex under this generations’ consumer habits.

As they rise to enter the workforce, Generation Z is also rising to become one of the most forward thinking and conscious generations yet.  Their unapologetic taste in unique and dynamic products will forever change the way we market, sell, and interact as businesses. Gen Zers are not brand loyal compared to Millennials and instead are finding innovative and adaptable ways to get the products they want and need at the best price.

“As evidenced by recent environmental and ethical rallies, today’s young generation is thinking about the future.”, says NPD.com. Generation Z is making decisions with their values in mind. Chances are, the idea of brand loyalty will become more complex under this generations’ consumer habits. Companies and small businesses will need to focus on building trust, evoking transparency, and aligning with the values that their target Generation Z customers hold. Since this generation grew up in a world that evolved around technology and social media, having a savvy marketing & social media presence won’t hurt to invest in either.

So, how are Generation Zers leading the Conscious Consumerism movement amidst all of this? It comes down to their incentive to make purchases. Despite wanting to keep up with an image, a unique trend, or a fast-paced world of social media influencing, Generation Zers still believe in making decisions that have a greater impact. That’s why fast fashion is dying, unethical brands are being “cancelled”, and the movement toward thrifting, resale, and renting clothes, items, and shoes is becoming the norm. This is a conscious consumer’s dream generation because despite the fast pace nature of their purchasing habits, thanks to the influence and availability of online shopping, Generation Zers want more for their future and the world.

It is important to understand that Generation Z is no exception to the rule that over-generalizing a generation can be dangerous. Thus, according to Alexandra Pastore, “Retailers who go beyond understanding how they are different than Millennials — in order to understand the unique needs within the generations and how to appeal to them — will have the advantage.”

Taking the time, space, and proactive approach to understanding Generation Z is just the beginning. However, knowing that we are about to see the impact of a new wave of conscious consumerism thanks to Generation Z may be the growth opportunity conscious brands, ethical companies, and small businesses have been looking for.

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Kristen is a writer, creator, and healing human who falls in love with stories each day. She is currently the Conscious Marketing and Communications Director for Mindful Market.

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