A Green Smoothie That Tastes Good?

Green Smoothie

Remember your first attempt at making a green smoothie?

If you were like me, it didn’t turn out too well. It had all the “right” ingredients – or so I thought – just not in the right proportions. My family still jokes about how I like to drink “green stuff” that tastes, well… like grass!

So, I decided to go to the authority for some direction – the green goddess Kris Carr.

Kris Carr  is a New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer survivor/thriver. She documented her battle against epithelioid hemangioendothelioma in her documentary film Crazy Sexy Cancer.

You can find this and other crazy sexy juice/smoothie info on her site kriscarr.com

My Not-So-Secret Healthy Habit: Green Smoothies!

Kris Carr

Hi Sweet Friends,

Juicing may be my main squeeze, but green smoothies take a close second and sometimes they’re exactly what my body needs to function at it’s best. These blended nutrition blasts certainly save the day when I’m short on time in the kitchen, but don’t want to short change my health. Toss all the plant-based ingredients in a blender and press a button! Within minutes I have a fiber-filled, satisfying meal that balances my blood sugar and fills me with long-lasting energy. Plus, hard-working fiber is our digestive system’s BFF and the arch enemy of toxins. It sweeps the junk out of the body and keeps Grand Pooper Station right on schedule!

All you need to become a smoothie superstar are nourishing, delicious recipes, some blending smarts and a quality machine. When I started whipping up green smoothies, I made some pretty gnarly concoctions, not the kind of drink you’d want to throw back on a regular basis. It took a lot of experimentation before I could create delicious smoothies on the fly. I want to make it easier for you! That’s why I pulled together every drop of my smoothie know-how, plus over 100 phenomenal smoothie (and juice!) recipes in my book, Crazy Sexy Juice.

What’s the difference between smoothies and juices?

Now that I’ve showed you how to make one of my favorite green smoothies in the video above, you may be curious about the difference between blending and juicing. My readers are always asking which is better. The answer depends on your personal taste, your lifestyle and what supports your health best (usually they both do, just in different ways!). I juice more than I blend, but both are cornerstones of my lifelong self-care plan.

It’s much more fun to compare blending and juicing using a super snazzy infographic, which is why I made one for you! I hope you’ll download it below, print it and post it near your blending and/or juicing altar (aka kitchen counter) and share the heck out of it on social media.

Drink Green Smoothies

Let’s wrap up this smoothie crash course with some of my readers’ most asked questions. Read on to learn about my favorite blenders, tips for raising smoothie-lovin’ kids and some storage smarts.

Frequently Asked Blending Questions

What blender should I buy?

I’m not going to sugar coat this: A high-speed blender can be pricey with some models starting at $300-$500, but it’s a lifelong investment. I use my blender on a daily basis for smoothies, soups, dips and sauces. If you’re a bargain-hunter, search online for a used machine. Who knows? You might be able to barter with a friend for one! Just be sure you’re getting a machine that will make creamy, dreamy smoothies. Cheap, not-so-great blenders leave lots of chunky greens in your drink and in your teeth. No, thanks! Here are some tried and true blender recommendations:

Oster Versa

How can I get my kids to enjoy green smoothies?

Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to add leafy greens and other nourishing plant-based foods into your child’s diet. Since my fur-kid doesn’t drink green smoothies, I turned to some of my pals (who also happen to have green smoothie guzzling rugrats) for this question. After surveying them for some tips, I put together these gems for you:

Pull a chair up to the counter and get the kids involved! Let your child add smoothie ingredients with your supervision. The little ones will love turning on the blender and watching the veggies, fruits and other goodies take a spin.
Avoid smoothie rejection by serving green-tinted recipes in a solid colored cup that has a top.
Use frozen berries and bananas to add sweetness, creaminess and hide the veggie taste. Frozen berries will also give smoothies a nice red, purple or blue color. Just make sure you’re still packing the veggies in there!

Can I make smoothies ahead of time and freeze them for later?

Yes! I like to drink my smoothies right away (fresh is always best), but if you know that freezing your smoothies will insure that you’ll drink them on a more regular basis, go for it. Don’t forget to leave a little room at the top of your storage container, since your smoothie will expand in the freezer (the same goes for green juice).

Aside from green smoothies, other smoothies are also tasty and beneficial for our health. Check out Mindful Market to see other smoothie recipes we recommend. 

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