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Jim Kupczyk

Love serving heart-centered, conscious based businesses. Founder-

Mindful Market Introduces the “Global Good” initiative

Mindful Market is a 2-way marketplace that loves serving small heart-centered businesses that enrich well-being and the planet.  We embrace conscious consumerism & conscious capitalism.

Mindful Market is now also a tool that elevates humanity by promoting local, regional and global initiatives and movements.

We are excited to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  The SDG are a call for action by ALL countries (poor, rich and middle income) to promote prosperity, while protecting the planet.

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What is Conscious Capitalism?

Pictured above- Conscious Capitalism Co-Founder, Raj Sisodia with Mindful Market Founder, Jim Kupczyk

The idea of Conscious Capitalism has been around for about 20 years.  The foundational book, published in 2013, that captures the core ideas and spirit is Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, by John Mackey (cofounder of Whole Foods Market) and Raj Sisodia (thought leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior).

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Spiritual And Meditation Candles

Article by: Tabitha Riley

Candles are a beautiful and quick way to enhance and support your meditative routine. Utilizing them during prayer and mediation is a widely historic practice among many cultures and beliefs. There are many variations of candles you can choose from, depending on your preferences and objectives. Most of the candles fall into two main categories, spiritual and meditation.

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“Life And Other Four Letter Words: What Is A Life Coach And How They Help With Unf***ing Ourselves”

-Article and Interview By: Halley Marie Shaw
-Photo Credit: Julia Turk


            It should be easy, right? Get up, go to work on time, return messages, keep finding ways to advance, be our best selves.

            We turn on our phones and laptops to find slews of social media threads. We get locked into group texts. We market ourselves on LINKEDIN. We have apps to prompt our deep breathing or start chats with mental health professionals. We have everything we need to make sure that we are informed, productive, and healthy.

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Walking In The Here and Now

Written by Mindful Market’s Spiritual/Meditation Guide | Columnist: Myster Blu


Walking in the here and now is an extraordinary place to be. Walking is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. As Ti has taught me…We always have the choice to walk mindfully and peacefully…with each step we are kissing the earth…leaving an imprint of our love and compassion for all the world and all humanity. With that, it’s like throwing a little pebble into a lake and noticing how much of an impact that one little pebble can create through the ripples it sends out. Far beyond the impact zone. 
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Eat Me Like Air

Author: Halley Marie Shaw, Buffalo NY

Sketch: Halley Marie Shaw. Photo Editing/Reimage: Kerry Fey

Author Bio: “I am no one”


I’m just going to spit it out: I don’t want to sit at your fucking table

Yes, I did go away to correct this. Yes, I came back “better.” No, I am not doing well. And, no, I don’t want to eat with ANYONE.

I attend gatherings to rub noses, but avoid dinner parties. If I were to show up at a dinner party, I’d be present. I wouldn’t be there for dinner. It’s for the best. Performance anxiety would kick in once I sit at the table. Then I would suddenly rattle off confessions as if being there was going to kill me.
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Sustainable and Healthy

Hallie Mazurkiewicz: Lunar Wild

Hallie Mazurkiewicz, founder of Lunar Wild, is blazing the trail in terms of menstruation products—especially with regards to the stigmas surrounding them. Hallie understands that periods are seldom discussed, let alone celebrated—and she’s on a mission to change that for the younger generation.

Hallie and her team at Lunar Wild have created the First Period Gift Box, designed to be healthy, sustainable, and a conversation starter not only for the young girls receiving them, but for the family members, mentors, and friends gifting the boxes as well. Hallie’s mission, and the purpose of her company, is to ensure that young women and girls understand their power and value themselves and their monthly period, even if society consistently encourages them not to. 

Located in East Aurora, New York, Lunar Wild ships all over the United States and internationally, offering Period Gift Boxes featuring organic tampons and pads, literature about womanhood, reusable cloth pads, moon jewelry, and much more. 

Check out Hallie’s Mindful Market shop and help her support the next generation of women! 

Succeed on Purpose

Terri Maxwell: Whole Heartedly Inspirational

Terri is nothing short of amazing. She has built herself into a truly motivating and inspiring influence. For over 25 years, she has impacted numerous lives and businesses with her core purpose to “inspire potential in everyone she meets”. She has transformed over 40 brands, authored several books, and has cultivated many models and programs for business and personal success.

Succeed on Purpose is her beautiful portfolio, compiled with tools and programs to guide people to a successful life filled with meaning and purpose. The tools and programs teach you how to find your purpose, as a business and/or individual, so that you are able to find work that is personally AND financially rewarding.

She offers free tools up front to get you started and help guide you in the right direction. You can utilize one or all of the available (and free) assessments, courses, and resources. This comfortably allows you to ease your way into the program and take small steps first before deciding which program is right for you.

Check out her Mindful Market Shop to learn more!

Humble Brands

Jeff Shardell’s Deodorant: Non-toxic, Simple, and Organic

Jeff, founder of and former Google executive, is on a mission to simplify his life, detoxify his body, and bring us all along with him.

He created his company, Humble Brands, after he became aware of the harmful chemicals in today’s conventional deodorants. He quickly realized that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. Jeff found that, “about 60% of what goes on your skin gets into your body. And, almost 100% of what’s applied to your armpits gets absorbed because the armpits have larger pores”. 

These findings propelled Shardell into action. He began to try various, natural deodorants, but they just didn’t seem to work very well; masking odor instead of ridding or preventing it. So, he took matters into his own hands, and created his first product, natural AND effective deodorant.

His deodorant, and other developing products, are made with as few (organic and natural) ingredients as possible, but still work just as well, if not better, than products with numerous (and usually harmful) ingredients. “This gives a nod to the whole idea of being humble; creating products with as few ingredients as possible”. 

Check out his Mindful Market shop!