Conscious Business Spotlight: Quick Pickle Kit

What is a conscious business?

Conscious businesses operate based on the simple idea that business is about more than making a profit. Moreover, it is an approach to commerce built on a universal truth that people aspire to mean and purpose, to flourishing and fulfillment.  Clearly, profit is a good thing and can be made using ideas like trust, collaboration, and compassion. In short, business is good, ethical, noble & heroic.

Quick Pickle Kit is a conscious, women-owned business that strives to create nostalgia while giving packs to diverse communities. Their famed product is the “Quick Pickle Kit”. Want something sweet? Perhaps try the Sweet Pickling Trio Pack. Likewise, maybe something more classic? Consider their version of the Dill Pickle in a trio pack. This offering makes 15 gallons of pickles (now THAT’S a lot of pickles!). Furthermore, their natural blends are non-GMO, cholesterol-free, and include probiotics. In addition, they offer a host of other positive attributes important to consumers who shop based on values unique to themselves.

As a result of their wonderful efforts, Quick Pickle Kit won the Small Business Persons of the Year Award in 2019. Indeed this is an incredible testament to owners Andrea Wasko and Meaghan Gilbert. Their entrepreneurial journey began with Andrea’s mother’s recipes which have been in her family for over 100 years. Now, they are sharing them with the world.

Quick Pickle Kit

Conscious businesses make a positive impact.

Quick Pickle Kit provides jobs for adults with disabilities, donates a portion of their sales to nonprofits, and partners up with schools and nonprofits. “We’re on a mission to utilize our business and our products as tools to create a healthier and more caring world.”.

Feel good when you support Quick Pickle Kit knowing you are helping to support their many initiatives which are making the world a better place. Thank you, Andrea and Meaghan, for being authentic conscious entrepreneurs!

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