COVID-19 Is Teaching Us All Lessons of Humanity

humanity to rethink our choices

It is no secret that the world is full of uncertainty, confusion, and pain right now during Covid-19. The last thing we need is another article reminding us of that. So if you are looking for more negativity, adversity, and doubt to dwell on, this is not for you.

Right now, in this space that sometimes feels like hopelessness, we need hope. So, how do we get to hope? 

We get to hope with more understanding because there is something greater than all of us in motion during this pandemic. The world is changing. It may not be a fire or a flood wiping the slate clean, but instead, there is a health crisis forcing us to simplify, honor the love in our lives, and practice gratitude over and over again to get through the day.

I have never felt such collective energy in my entire life. Yes there is fear, but there is also a sense of energetic shift beneath it all; asking humanity to rethink our choices, call to attention the systems that are broken, support the actual heroes and “doers” of our society, and make more mindful choices to keep others safe. Virus or not, I think this is how we should continue to move forward. 

Significant to Humanity

So what would that look like? To live with the ideologies in mind that we have learned from this pandemic? I wrote a list of principles that feel the most significant to humanity that I visualize being applicable to better our future.

  1. Take space for yourself a few times a week to breathe and reflect on your life without technology present.
  2. Call loved ones who are far away and check in even when it feels unnecessary.
  3. Human touch is and always will be powerful.
  4. Thank and support community heroes for the protection they provide daily.
  5. Offer to support a neighbor, friend, or stranger in a time of need or just out of kindness.
  6. Being alone isn’t a negative thing.
  7. Practice gratitude for the simplicity of food accessibility.
  8. Don’t buy more than you need.
  9. Support small businesses and USA Local Vendors, they matter.
  10. Treat your body with love and respect.
  11. Remind yourself that your actions will always affect others.
  12. Nature is medicine and we should treat it with more respect
  13. Be gentle with your daily productivity. It does not define you.
  14. Acknowledge that you are never alone because the human experience is bigger than all of us
Powerful Certainty

Uncertainty may be all around us, but there is a powerful certainty that outweighs it all: Humanity is experiencing this challenging time together. We are not alone and the more we remind ourselves of that, the more we will see the greater perspective.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay hopeful. Wash your hands. Practice Gratitude.

You are not alone.

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