Enchanted Botanicals: Finding a Purpose Within Healing

Enchanted Botanicals

“I have to go back to 2006. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My son had just started his first day of 8th grade when I had my first surgery”, Deb began after I asked her when she found her purpose. Her voice was reflective yet strong. Deb had clearly found her beginning when she thought it was the end. Now, years later. Deb is cancer-free and her son is getting married in September. “Here I am”, said Deb. She had found her way back to health and discovered her deep love and admiration for healing others. When I asked Deb about what her small business, Enchanted Botanicals specializes in, she replied, “I call it spiritual herbalism. I started making incense and that led to candles using the herbs from my garden.” 

Spiritual Herbalism

Deb has studied Reiki, earth energy, energy lines, crystals, and herbs in an effort to create tangible resources for others to find what they need from nature. She has her own garden where she grows these herbs and uses her energetic relationship with the earth to find the right ingredients for each candle, cream, oil, and tincture. Because of what she has endured in her life, she truly believes that there is always a source of light to be found. Her goal is to dismantle the idea that each ingredient or crystal has one soul purpose and instead wants others to ask themselves, “What does it whisper to you?” because each of us has an energetic compass. This compass allows us to heal and find what we need along the way.

Empowered Energy

As I continued to speak with Deb about her business, Enchanted Botanicals, I couldn’t help but notice the calm yet empowered energy in her voice. When you speak to someone about their life purpose, you can feel it deep within your soul. There is no doubt in my mind that Deb is doing what she is meant to on this earth and taking the time, care, and energy to bring more healing to those who need it.

Deb is one example of a small business owner with a story of strength, challenge, and hope behind each of her products. I encourage you to consider investing your support into businesses like Enchanted Botanicals. 

Isn’t that why we are all here? To invest in each other wholeheartedly?

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