It’s Not Bull S***: Why Conscious Business Matters

There are numerous stereotypes and assumptions surrounding the word “conscious”. Some of them have deterred a lot of us away from anything that has to do with the word itself because it feels… Well, sometimes like a load of bull s***. However, there is a new wave of the ideology of “consciousness” that is more pragmatic, more altruistic, and more approachable than I think we can all get behind.

I know that until now you were picturing someone meditating on the beach or a collective circle of people holding hands and singing about world peace when you thought of the word “conscious” or “consciousness”, but these ever-evolving terms are making their way into the business and consumer world now more than ever. Why? Because it matters now more than ever.

Why Do We Need Consciousness and Business Together?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware of large corporations getting rocked by child labor lawsuits, environmental lawsuits, and even federal lawsuits. I don’t blame any of us for having trust issues when it comes to businesses because of this. In all reality, I don’t blame any of us for continuing to buy and sell the way we always have because “it’s the lesser of two evils”. But it’s time to understand the truth. It’s time to pivot our perspective and build trust with businesses again. Here is a hint on where to start: With Conscious Businesses.

Conscious Business: The Anti-Bull S*** of Business

Conscious Business Associates

If you want the less blog-friendly and more detailed version of what conscious businesses are and why they matter, check out “Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values” by Fred Kofman. In this book, Kofman regards “Consciousness” as the “basic faculty for survival and success. Without it, we forget what’s important to us and lose sight of the steps we might take to reach those goals”. It’s true when we forget our values and make decisions without them, we begin to lose sight of who we are, what we care about, and what matters to us.

There are 4 basic principles that we believe make a business “conscious”:

  1. People over profit
  2. Decrease in environmental impact
  3. Wellness affirming workplace culture
  4. Transparency and altruism as priorities

Which Conscious Businesses Can I Trust?

According to Strategic Crossroads, “Conscious Business is an integral business model for business leaders who are aware of the impact of their actions on others”. So how do we find these businesses and begin aligning our actions with our values? I know most blogs you find will tell you to “do the research” before you buy or sell, but we thought we would make you a comprehensive list to save you time, energy, and maybe a headache or two. 

Here are Conscious Businesses that aren’t full of s***:

  1. Patagonia – Outdoor clothing and gear
  2. Seventh Generation – Home cleaning products
  3. Rethreaded – Handmade goods that are ethically produced
  4. Mindful Market – Hell yeah we are a Conscious Business and damn proud of it! This is a conscious marketplace to find every day or niche items from a small business that aligns with your values

Challenge: Consider your next purchase from one of the Conscious Businesses we listed above and remember it’s time for Conscious Business.

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Kristen is a writer, creator, and healing human who falls in love with stories each day. She is currently the Conscious Marketing and Communications Director for Mindful Market.

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