Does less meat have to mean less taste?

But when applied on a massive scale, it does mean less harm for the environment and less misery for animals and a massive scale begins with individual choice.


Meat Free Monday is a movement designed to help us take baby steps towards reducing our meat intake. We can start with just one day a week that is entire and intentionally meat free.

And when that starts to become a habit and a pleasure maybe we’ll consider it doing two or three days a week. But even if we just stick with one definite meat-free day a week, it still makes a difference. The more individuals that reduce their meat intake, the better the outcome for all of us in the long run.

So to help encourage and inspire elephant readers to reduce meat consumption, here’s a selection of suggested recipes for your own Meat Free Monday. Bon Appetit!

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Dawn Sobierajski is a registered dietitian nutritionist and mindful eating guru. Staying true to her "foodie" instincts, her recipe for optimal health and wellness is the perfect balance of science and spirituality, infused with a healthy dose of pure positive energy. In her spare time, she enjoys time traveling through her dreams and chasing rainbows; however, no matter where the Universe takes her, she never fails to find her way back to the present moment. She loves her life!

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