Matias De Stefano: YOSOY Groups A AE E in the pyramid.

Matias De Stefano, and his team, organized a wonderful event titled “Encounter 22:22:22 – Closing of your YOSOY Path”. Starting in July 2020 and ending in December 2021, his mission was to anchor the World Axis between the North and South Poles. In the month of February 2022 his vision was to carry the last great Activation thereby anchoring Consciousness in the Planetary Network. He organized more than 1500 people from across the globe to help him. I was grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event. The following is unedited and came directly from those that attended.

I have listened several times to the recording and some parts I can’t figure out. I share here what I have gotten🙏.

“Our chants opened the gates to the origin of the _____

Our songs liberated with wisdom 

until they could be heard.

Our sound has been the origin of consciousness.

In the networks now sounds

Our song in expansion.

Creators, creators, in this today I Am I.

Spirit, mmm

of the earth, earth, mmm, buried, Hidden in the earth

The _______

The song is served___

The web of consciousness begins today

Trapped beings, seeking freedom, the doors have opened to truth.

What they have opened expands to the beyond, with the_______

Unimagined is spiritual body 

This is the day that so many have longed for.

Hear from your songs 

The Universal Grace.

Your resounding bodies opened the portal that has been waiting for the________ 

I am the Holy Spirit consciousness of love, eternal beauty for the _______. 

The living eternal 

Flowing the universe 

Spores of a flower, perfuming 

Divine essence that sings and sings you_________ 

Knows you well 

I am your consciousness, I am your essence and existence, I am your love. I reside in my body of light and expand in the world the universal essence, opening the paths to your total being.

Become the world, spirituaaaaaaaaaaal consciousness.


Woo woo woo

I am the light of the universe, my name is Uriel

I am the body of the spirit


Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. 

Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah, ah aaah.

It expands


Live singing_________

This is the spiritual life.

Give to the world your glory-filled laughter that opens the gates to eternity.

So be it.”


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