Matias de Stefano: YOSOY Notes from the pyramid 2/19/22 Group 2 // letter Y-BH-TH

Matias De Stefano, and his team, organized a wonderful event titled “Encounter 22:22:22 – Closing of your YOSOY Path”. Starting in July 2020 and ending in December 2021, his mission was to anchor the World Axis between the North and South Poles. In the month of February 2022 his vision was to carry the last great Activation thereby anchoring Consciousness in the Planetary Network. He organized more than 1500 people from across the globe to help him. I was grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event. The following is unedited and came directly from those that attended.

We were guided to be in our bodies. To feel & acknowledge our bodies. To thank our bodies because if it wasn’t for our bodies, we wouldn’t be right where we are. 

We were then guided to acknowledge our ancestors & connect with them. To acknowledge & connect with our parents & thank them. Because if it wasn’t for any of them, we wouldn’t be here now. 

We took many deep breaths, then began to sing in tones.

*Bits I remember when Matías was channeling: *

Do you wonder why you feel sad, anger, hate? It is because you are on a dark planet. How can you experience the light on a dark planet? By being the light. If you say you are of the light, then you must bring the light to this Earth. Bring Heaven on Earth. 

Love your evil.

He shared messages regarding the planetary task of bringing new light/higher information from the cosmos down to the Earth. He, then, said something along the lines of “do you realize what you are doing? Are you really ready to be the light? Are you willing to allow what needs to come through? Let go of all expectations.”

Before we connected to our nodes, we were told to introduce ourselves (I AM first & last name), then introduce ourselves as our nodes (I AM node). When we introduced ourselves, hearing the voices in the room reminded me that we are one being expressed in different ways. And each of us matter. Each of our voices are important & need to be heard. When we introduced ourselves as our nodes, I was also reminded that we are the Earth. 

We connect to our nodes & connect to all dimensions. We receive from the heavens & spread all the information onto our nodes. 

We continue to sing in tones. 

In my experience, I was looking down on my node & watching over the people. I was in the light & I felt much love & care. I also saw flashes of the distortions & pain people have gone through in my node. 

During this moment, I remember Matías singing the words, “we are the angels of the light!”

Towards the end, we sang our mantra. Then, each group sang their letter in harmony (Y, BH, then TH).


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