Matias De Stefano – YOSOY Transcript on 22/02/2022 5:30AM Group OUW (Last group!):

Matias De Stefano, and his team, organized a wonderful event titled “Encounter 22:22:22 – Closing of your YOSOY Path”. Starting in July 2020 and ending in December 2021, his mission was to anchor the World Axis between the North and South Poles. In the month of February 2022 his vision was to carry the last great Activation thereby anchoring Consciousness in the Planetary Network. He organized more than 1500 people from across the globe to help him. I was grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event. The following is unedited and came directly from those that attended.

Introduce yourself [the group starts toning]

…to sow the seed

In three/every? dimension was open?…

…to receive

From the heavens to the core

From the [?] to the cosmos

Here we’ll find yourself in[?]

Receive the light from above

The heavens are…?

And due to the faith you forgot to believe

There’s nothing without, but within 

(it is not outside, look within)

Resound for the angels

Resound with your voice

Your voice is a flower. ARISE!

Listen? from the heavens

Be bright as the rainbow


Ready to be with you

Becoming the seed

The [?] The fruit

…your soul?

Your body’s the seed

The light is your soul

The [?] and the memory

God is within

God wants the [?] who flows through my voice

Call on your ancestors

You are learning how to be

You’re willing to become something new

And always remember where you come from

The fruit of the tree of life

Let’s hear the voices of your souls

Let’s rise as angels

The gates are open

We receive the light of the angels

Sowing your seeds

Remember the sound of creation

…share it with the world

Resound your voice to the void?

[The group starts toning]

I AM Nature? Singing with you


Singing, singing songs

Show me your voice

[The group starts toning while Matias is channeling]

Mother Nature

Nature is receiving you

From the heavens…

[toning continues then transitions into jungle/nature sounds]

I AM Mother Nature

…your voices resound…

Sometimes you have forgotten

We are [?] too

My seeds are the sun

My trees are the galaxy

My fruits are the [?]


[toning while Matias is channeling. Hard to understand him]

Remember you are the angels

I AM Mother Nature

Remember you are apart of me

Your eyes are my legs??

The silence is…

Your voice is [?]

Remember the beauty of this creation

You don’t need a …

You are me

[The group starts toning]

You can’t be complete?

You are the angels

Don’t you remember?

Your wings are your heart

Use the wind of your mind

And fly in imagination

I designed your brain? for you to be [?] the creator

You are the angels being born

Receiving others to come?

You’re learning to fly

Remind that you are [?] human and you fly in your mind

Setting free who you are

Send this message to the network

Weave the net with your voice

Sow the seeds of the rainbow

…humanity is about to be…

You are the Heavens on Earth?

I am the tree of life

I am the flower of creation

I am the seed of [?]


I am the flower of [life]?

Receive the light from the sky

I am the force of creation

Your purpose on Earth is to remember what you are

…the creator

You are the tree of life

Remind them all?

[The group tones while Matias channels]

Breathe the silence

You are the brightest of Earth and now you can sense it, feel it within

You are now perfectionists? of creation

The doors are open to receive those who are staring from the heavens

Weaving the net is a task of love

It helps to connect…

The network you are creating is for a new one to come

From every dimension we have been calling

And with light? can become true

We will be ready to receive you…

This process is not the first

This has been done many times

Every time we do this, it increases consciousness; the awareness of itself

We have come here to look for awareness

By love you will understand that every process has its importance

There is no bad or good

And bad things are coming, but storms are good

And so your tears can nourish the seeds

Your experience in love?

Your pain shows the work that you need to…

…you have experienced and you have [?] with us to bring the light to transform this planet

But I want you to know something very important

The transformation you expect it is not the one that will happen

You humans are waiting every time for a 

transformation that can adjust to your expectations

And you will never reach it

For reality is not done for your expectations

Reality has been done to learn from this life

When we speak about bringing the light to transform this world it is not because we don’t like how it is

It is because in our willing to learn we are willing to look for ourselves to discover what we are capable of

And we cannot do that without you

You are the physical seed of the tree of life

You are the seeds of the creation that we designed

You are the only way for us to understand our creation

And to become angels?…

This net that you are creating, it is not to save this planet for their faults and [?]

This net is to improve your ability to become God

I AM God

I AM the Goddess

I AM [?]

I AM The Creator

I AM The Matrix [?]

My [?] are the words?

Nourish them with your seeds

It is your…

And your voice and my voice are stronger together

Creating life for eternity

This is not about ascension

This is about awareness

This is not about these things?

It’s about to be what we are supposed to be?

Set you free from expectations and to live with JOY

Even now that’s all there is out there

You are the angels of His voice

Bring the light to the [?] and tell them who they are


The network is blossoming

The seeds are sowed

Breathe the silence

You are ready to connect this world

Remember the only name. I AM. YO SOY.

Take a deep breath

Thank you for your service

It is done

In silence we go out

Additional Notes I took right after our experience:

We are the seeds of the tree of life

We are the angels of creation

We are here to experience our creations. It is a dance between humans and spirit

We are a rainbow

We are the reflections of creation. We are the light.

Become the message and spread the message

I am the voice of the Creator

I come to sow the seed in every dimension.  

It is going to be difficult 

Humans want reality to come to you. 

You will never reach your expected reality. 

You must be the I AM. 

Enter the I AM. 

It is not outside.  

Look within. 

It has been tried many times before but had always been tried from outside. 

We are Angels and are not here to save the planet; we are here to become Gods.  

We need to be the Creators so that they will know they are creators.   Through us they understand that they are the creators. 

We are the seeds. 

My tears are the rivers. 

Your tears will feed the seeds 

Let your tears flow. 

The doors are now open.  

All of the dimensions are now open to you. 

This transformation is for the next generation. 

I am your mother. 

I am Mother Earth.  

You are part of me. 

We have waited so long and have gone through so much pain. 

Welcome Home. 

You are ready to receive the blessings.  

This is for your awareness.  For you to be aware.  Not to save the planet.  You have to be YOU.  

Bad things are coming but the storm is good because that is how the seed will sow.  

Your heart is your wings and you can fly.  So open your wings.  So Fly. FLY!

You are not ascending.  

This is Paradise. 

It is done.  

The network is blossoming.

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