Matias De Stefano: YOSOY Translation of Santiago’s Message in the pyramid for the trinity ascension – home – essence

Matias De Stefano, and his team, organized a wonderful event titled “Encounter 22:22:22 – Closing of your YOSOY Path”. Starting in July 2020 and ending in December 2021, his mission was to anchor the World Axis between the North and South Poles. In the month of February 2022 his vision was to carry the last great Activation thereby anchoring Consciousness in the Planetary Network. He organized more than 1500 people from across the globe to help him. I was grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event. The following is unedited and came directly from those that attended.

We begin by becoming aware of the history and the path our body has travelled, by being grateful.

The same with our father and mother, we become aware that we chose them to come into this body and to come into this space. Regardless of their choices I thank them for bringing me here. 

I become aware of my ego, of my personality, of the unequal being that I am. We recognise that without the ego and without the decisions of the personality, we would not have got to where we did. I become aware of the importance of the ego, honour it, thank it and take a deep breath. 

From the ego I recognise my shadows. Without shame, I look into the dark, the desires, the pleasures, the hatred, the rage, the anger. I recognise it. I look for the shadow in me, and I recognise that it is the fundamental energy that allows me to move and to exist. So I honour and appreciate the darkness in me. And I take a deep breath. 

Now I become aware of all the good that I do in my life… all that I offer to the world, that I do well. I honour it and I take a deep breath. 

All that I am has come to me for something much bigger, that goes beyond this world. We present ourselves I am name + I am node as fractals of the earth. 

We resonate, we shout, tata.

Channel mati: 

“The gates of time and space are open. The gift of the heavens has descended in every dimension. The eyes of the creator shine in the idea of the grand design, the mother has delivered the triune flame. *It is time then, to ascend the home, the essence. Remember: what is home? Home is that place where the fire lies, that warm place where I am one with my own * Home is not family. *Home is where I find peace. Remember, what is your home. Who makes you feel great? With whom do you share the fire you watch? 

And this home exists in an even greater world. A fire that unites us all at the core of the world. We all look together at the home of the fire inside the world. But our cultures have called this place hell. You have been for centuries running away from home. You have been for centuries searching for a place in the stars. Where do I come from? My cosmic family. You seek in the stars what I cannot find on earth. For the closer I get to the fire the more I think I am in hell. Yet I am only moving away from my true home. 

Many in our lives turn away from home because of fear, insecurity, conditioning. We are afraid to sit and share the fire with our loved ones, lest we turn our backs on our loved ones. 

*Family is not our loved ones, family is the codes you have chosen to be who you are.

Family is loved as oneself, for they are an extension of the body. Home is not in the family, home is in other bodies with whom you share. 

Home is the heart of the system. 

*The first combo of planetary ascension is not to ascend to the 5th dimension. But to raise the home from hell, into essence.

*What is essence? It is the quality of being. Who is capable of being? And not of believing to be?* For the great error of the world is to come forward believing that one is what others say one is. Time wasted. The quality of the essence, the quality of being, implies …. *The essence knows only one verb: I Am. Without any adjective, essence IS. 

The expectation to be what others want, only takes you further from the path. For cycles, millennia, you have searched for a paradise, an oasis in the middle of the desert. When you found it, began to build an essential paradise, a heavenly paradise, that you would never find, the search became faith. And faith lost us… We sought salvation in the heavens, in a God… And in the last decades you have sought enlightened beings, masters… Or escape to the 5th dimension. 

*Planetary ascension is not a matter of moving forward, it is a matter of being. I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE UNLESS I BECOME THAT PLACE.

*Every reality that one lives, is the reality that one’s being deserves. Breathe.

There will be no ascension, no essence, unless our essence returns to where it belongs. Seek it again within, in the fire of the earth, in the fire of the heart. This is the truth, in my name, bear. 

*Our task today, is to ascend the hell away from home, and return to the essence where it belongs, outside of all expectation and direction. Simply in the action of being.

Are you ready to descend? 



*Remember the essence. Remember the essence. I am the home. I am the light.


*Welcome home* β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŒ…


Ascend home from hell to the essence.

That does not respond to outside expectations. Or seeks any particular direction. The essence simply IS. 

Home is not with family, or anywhere outside… Back to the fire of the earth’s interior. Of our inner self. That is where home is. By returning here we are transformed into the place we so desperately seek… where we want to go. ❀️ 

I am the one who elevates each home of the Self to the eternal. πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ’«πŸŒ¬πŸ’š 


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