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Matias De Stefano, and his team, organized a wonderful event titled “Encounter 22:22:22 – Closing of your YOSOY Path”. Starting in July 2020 and ending in December 2021, his mission was to anchor the World Axis between the North and South Poles. In the month of February 2022 his vision was to carry the last great Activation thereby anchoring Consciousness in the Planetary Network. He organized more than 1500 people from across the globe to help him. I was grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event. The following is unedited and came directly from those that attended.

Our bodies are horrified and afraid of this truth, you are so used to being echoes of existence, that you are afraid of being the origin of sound. That is why you are trapped again and again in this system, why are you afraid to return to the origin?

Going back to the origin is not going home, it is not home. Going back to the origin is emptiness, nothingness, nonsense, nothing exists, nothing is real, do you remember? Remember it. There is only your thought, that is why you cling to ideas and beliefs, because without it you have lost everything, there is no point of reference in the void without the idea of ​​who you are. And the truth is that you can only be when you stop being. You do not exist, you are not real, break the soul, enter beyond the system. The great crisis of the void is the only one capable of taking you to the true origin of all things. This is the awareness that you must bring to the world, because in the face of the great crises that will come, many people will forget who they are, they will fall into the void, and they will need a pleasant look, which reminds them that it is the void from which you can create… yes , you can, if nothing feels. And yet it is much more than everything… remember the void, go through the feeling of loss and loneliness. Do you remember that moment when you felt alone? When you thought you were the only one in existence capable of feeling? Do you remember that moment when everything lost its logic and meaning? When did you lose faith and stop loving? When did you feel cheated? When did you have to leave everything to be someone new? You usually stay in pain, and do not go beyond the depths. One piece of advice is that, if you are going to be fractals of this world, have the courage that the next time you feel the void, take the leap, and there you will find the creative force, remember.

In the emptiness of the beginning there was only the dream, the dream, the creative mind, origin of all powers. In the core, the force of creation, the engines of existence are turned on; the void is nothing more than the pressure of all the forces, the origin no it is nothing more than the release of all forces. It is fundamental, to find the internal strength in each aspect of this world, to return to the origin, to the emptiness of it. Under the great pressure of the world, it is that the power of it is discovered. That is why, only under great pressure our potentials turn on, feel the pressure of the world, your inner world lives under pressure, the atmosphere is pressure, gravity is pressure, weight, the heat you feel is pressure, you are a rock being molded under high pressure. When there is no movement to make, when there is nothing left, when everything returns to being, it is that the force of creation emerges like a volcano, from there you have to expand the force of creation of this world that is hidden in the pressure internal. So become your node projected to the origin of each one, this is the moment to imagine yourself there, converted into the territory you represent, and from there, release its force. The power …

Project yourself into all existing things, into the echoes of existence, remember that each object in this world is an echo of the origin, it contains the same force within itself. The same force of a sun is found in the simplicity of a cell. The power to generate a plant is the same that a sun needs to shine, all things have the force of the origin, recognize this great truth, and thus stop looking for the force outside, to awaken one inside. In each of your cells is the potential of the cosmos, you just have to solar the belief of who you are, to really be from the void. Think at this moment in each object, in each matter of this world, and take my truth to each one of its nodes, take the power to all existing things. Expand the network to the world and remind every object on this planet of the great truth: I AM.


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