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Mystic Pines Candle Co. is a small conscious business in Connecticut that not only makes quality candles but leads in the way they make an impact. 

Since their launch in 2015, founders (Christina & Christopher Cox) have worked tirelessly to ensure that their mission of “spreading light and kindness… one candle at a time” is not just words but followed by an action. 

Conscious businesses exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. Social impact companies make a positive difference in the world.  At the end of each month, 30% of all candle purchases go back to their community. 

Mystic Pines founders, along with their customers, have donated to many charities throughout New England. As a community, they have brought awareness to causes such as Paws New England, SNORT Rescue, the MLK Community Center in Rhode Island, and much more.


At Mystic Pines Candles, all candles are 100% soy wax, cotton-wicked (lead-free), and are Reiki blessed. With each candle having its own story behind it, they often create new designs to keep it special.

If you follow their social media accounts, you will see their compassion towards the world. Their incredible energy. And their transparency with donations. Not only do they share screenshots confirming their donations, but they also invite charity members to speak about the cause in their videos.

“Our passion doesn’t end with being mindful and infusing each creation with pure love and positive intentions along with high-quality products, as a living tribute to those we love and hold dear in our hearts, we donate 30% from every candle sold to animal and human charitable causes, always!” 
– Christina & Christopher Cox

While candles may be their specialty, they also sell a variety of products at their retail store. These include everything from essential oils to artisan jewelry. In addition, they offer workshops, candle readings, and other services, which you could read more about on their official website.

With their generosity and quality candles, it’s no surprise to see them grow. Since opening, they have expanded their online business into a physical store. They have also created Knotty Pines Co., which allows customers to make their own candle messages.

To visit their shop page on Mindful Market, click here.


If you ever have time to visit their store in person, you should! Their store is inside a gorgeous building that was built in 1821. For those that are far, you can check out their store (virtually) through a guided tour by Christina. Just head on over on their Facebook page!

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