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Red Bird Naturals is a small business that makes non-toxic organic body care products. These include everything from facial care creams to sunblock and bug spray. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, most of the ingredients are grown locally. 

Meggi, the founder, is very hands-on with creating her products. She not only tests and formulates each product, but she partners with local farms to get the freshest ingredients. Some of these ingredients include calendula flower, hemp, honey, and beeswax. In a few years, she plans on becoming a certified herbalist.

Whipped Tallow Butter

Whipped Tallow Butter – A Bestseller at Red Bird Naturals

Red Bird Naturals is a name inspired by her grandma, Zimmer. She hopes to be the red bird from her grandma’s story, which flies and brings good news. She wants her products to reflect the best qualities of her grandma. Pure. Simple. True

“All of our ingredients come from trusted companies where sustainability & quality are at the forefront. Herbs, butters, waxes, and oils are ensured to be low impact and safe for Earth’s renewal processes. This is our bottom line when considering new ingredients.”

Meggi, the Founder of Red Bird Naturals 

To learn more about Red Bird Naturals, visit her shop on Mindful Market. If you happen to be in Colorado, you can check her official site to find her products at local stores!

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