Can I truly be the creator of my own reality?

Personal Reality

When your perception shifts, your personal story shifts.
We have a choice, my friends. We can choose to see the beauty in something or look at what’s wrong and see the ugliness.

You Have a Choice

For example: You wake up, make coffee, spill it everywhere, bend down to clean it up and see your adorable dog coming toward you. You smile and say, “You don’t like coffee, silly.” You don’t stress out about the spilled coffee and as you go to make more you notice a beautiful humming bird outside your window, and you smile again. You feel connected, happy, calm and content.


You spill your coffee, you curse up a storm and are flaming mad. Then when you see your adorable dog coming your way, you yell, “Stay back!” Pissed off,  you then yell at yourself, “That damn coffee was expensive!” You’re stressed, angry, and berating yourself for being so clumsy. You don’t even notice the humming bird because your only perception in this moment is: “Life is hard, everything is crap and I am so over things always going wrong for me!”

Same situation but VERY different experiences and outcomes!

We control how we perceive each and every situation in our lives.  In other words, if we don’t perceive it, it doesn’t exist. 

WOW, that changes everything!

One of the first things I say to a client is “You have the power to stop turning to food. I am here to hold space for you, to ask questions that will allow you to look at things differently and to see there are more choices. However, it is ultimately your decision to consider your body as your loving partner or just dead weight and the source of all your misery.”

Try this:

For one week I want you to focus on your perception of things. I want you to see that it’s in your control to be able to focus on what is great in the world or what is wrong.

Here are some statements to empower yourself and shift your perception to the positive

  1. Today I have the choice to see the beauty surrounding me or look for faults everywhere. Which am I going to choose?
  2.  If someone treats me in a way I don’t feel is appropriate or fits in with how I choose to be treated, I can honor myself by sending them a silent blessing without feeling as if it’s my job to fix them or put them in their place.
  3. Instead of waiting for someone or something to show up and make me feel better, I have the choice to focus on what I want and tune into my body to show me what I really want. I have the choice to feel like a victim or to see my role and learn from it.
  4. It’s my choice to let people feel the way they choose to feel without trying to change them.

Remember – YOU are the creator of your personal reality.

Everyday you wake up with an empty slate and a new beginning. You can either see it as another day of the same old shit OR as a canvas to create everything you desire!

Yes, you are THAT powerful!

~ Submitted by: Alison Sherwood

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