Spiritual And Meditation Candles

Article by: Tabitha Riley

Candles are a beautiful and quick way to enhance and support your meditative routine. Utilizing them during prayer and mediation is a widely historic practice among many cultures and beliefs. There are many variations of candles you can choose from, depending on your preferences and objectives. Most of the candles fall into two main categories, spiritual and meditation.

Meditation Candles

These candles typically include essential oils to alter or influence your mood, cognitive, psychological and/or physical well-being through aromatherapy. They are also used to give you a focal point during prayer and meditation in order to help you concentrate, balance stress, and clear your mind; also called “candle gazing meditation” or Trataka.

Best Candles for Meditation:


Jasmine – reduces tension and stress, eases depression, and calms respiratory issues

Rose – brings enthusiasm, inspiration, romance, and relieves asthma

Ylang Ylang – calming, relieves nausea and high blood pressure

Lemon – multifaceted, good for overall vitality, and uplifting/mood boosting

Bergamont – used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression, helps ease discomfort  

Cedarwood – spiritually uplifting and stress reducing, aids skin and respiratory problems

Eucalyptus – cooling, decongestant, and combats headaches

Lavender – calming and soothing, sedative- aids in better sleep

Vanilla – calms nerves and restlessness, and said to boost libido

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Trataka- “Candle Gazing”

The word Trataka literally means “to look” or “to gaze”. Most meditation practices are done with your eyes closed, the Trataka technique involves keeping your eyes open and focused on an object, usually a candle or flame. Although, this practice can be done using other objects, such as: a leaf, the sky (star/cloud), a crystal, a flower…etc.

This type of meditation is especially good for those of us who have trouble focusing or get easily distracted. The candle and flame serve as a clear focal point and will train your mind to be better at staying focused and channeling thoughts.

Trataka energizes the “third eye” chakra, associated with wisdom and intuition, which can improve your memory and help you find an increased state of awareness.

Trataka Eye Exercise:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet spot, where you will be able to have maximum darkness and minimum noise.
  2. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and able to maintain good posture for at least 15 minutes (cross legged is a great “go to” position).
  3. Place your selected candle about 3ft away from where you will be sitting and make sure the candle is resting at eye level.
  4. Turn off the lights, get in position, and focus on the flame. Try not to blink.
  5. Begin by focusing on your breath. Take long, steady, deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth, calming your body and your mind.
  6. You will began to tear up and blink, just continue to stay focused on the flame.
  7. As thoughts pass through your mind, acknowledge them, let them go, then refocus on the flame.
  8. When you can no longer keep your eyes open, close them, and focus on the afterglow of the flame.
  9. Try to bring the afterglow flame to the center of your forehead, between your brows, to your “third eye” and meditate here until it begins to fade away.
  10. Your level of concentration will affect the strength of the afterglow. If you have trouble seeing it, refocus and retry the process until you’ve gained a stronger image.
  11. Once the afterglow starts to fade, shift your focus back to your breathing for a few minutes.
  12. Repeat the process as many times as desired, depending on how long you want or prefer to meditate (10-20 minutes is typical practice).
  • When initially learning, you may not be able to hold your gaze for very long, before having to close your eyes. But, with time and continued practice, you will get better and be able to meditate longer.
  • Regular practice of Trataka will result in many benefits, such as:
    • Improved eyesight and vision
    • Improved mental and emotional illnesses
    • Enhanced self confidence and willpower
    • Better clarity, less stress, and more peace
    • Improved efficiency and decreased fatigue
    • Diminished sleep disorders- headaches, insomnia, and nightmares
    • Enhanced clairvoyance

Spiritual Candles

These candles are based on numerous colors that have deep, individual meaning and certain energies attached to them. Each color is carefully chosen based on desired energy and then burned to enable a deeper focus and connection to your goals, problems, and objectives during prayer and meditation.

The colors are even tied to certain chakras, astrological signs, planets and days of the week, making candle burning even more intentional and intricate. If we truly want to channel particular energies and attract what we want, then application of ALL of these components should be considered when planning time for meditation.

Other variations of spiritual candles are made based on different saints, angels, and spiritual influences. Each saint or influence represents certain virtues and characteristics. These candles are used in similar practice as the multi-colored versions; choose and burn them during prayer and meditation based on your intention and desire.

Candle Color Meanings:

  • RED
    • Stimulates power of the flesh
    • For those seeking respect, personal power/pleasure, and relationships
    • Vitality, fertility, passion, and courage

Planet: Mars Day: Tuesday Signs: Aries & Scorpio Chakras: Root

  • PINK
    • Brings harmony and joy
    • For those seeking friendship, affection, and emotional healing
    • Sensual, empathy, faithful, true love

Planet: Venus Day: Friday Signs: Cancer/Gemini/Libra/Taurus/Virgo Chakras: Heart

    • Brings energy and profound change
    • For those seeking to influence strong changes
    • Ambitious, stimulating, strength

Planet: Sun Day: Sunday Signs: Leo Chakras: Sacral

  • GOLD
    • Stimulates enlightenment
    • For those seeking good fortune and victory over troubles
    • Spiritual attainment, destiny and understanding

Planet: Sun Day: Sunday Signs: Leo/Sagittarius/Virgo Chakras: Solar Plexus/Heart/Crown

    • Stimulates intelligence and confidence
    • For those seeking wisdom and concentration
    • Cheerfulness, endurance, and mental clarity

Planet: Mercury Day: Wednesday Signs: Gemini & Virgo Chakras: Solar Plexus

    • Brings good luck and prosperity
    • For those seeking to reflect on health and growth
    • Success and abundance, rejuvenation

Planet: Venus Day: Friday Signs: Taurus & Libra Chakras: Heart

  • BLUE
    • Brings calmness and tranquility
    • For those seeking forgiveness, meditation, and inspiration
    • Spirituality, guidance, creativity

Planet: Jupiter Day: Thursday Signs: Sagittarius(Sky blue) & Pisces Chakras: Throat

    • Enhances spiritual awareness and wisdom
    • For those seeking higher conscious, and spiritual reconciliation/protection
    • Spiritual, Intuitive, and karma balancing

Planet: Jupiter/Neptune/Venus(lavender) Day: Thursday Signs: Sagittarius/Pisces/Libra(lavender) Chakras: 3rd eye/Heart(lavender)/Throat(lavender)

    • Brings balance and refuge
    • For those seeking to eliminate chaos and indecisiveness
    • Grounding, balancing and humbling

Planet: Earth/Saturn/Pluto Day: Saturday Signs: Capricorn/Gemini/Libra/Virgo(dark brown)/Scorpio(reddish-brown) Chakras: Feet/Sacral/Solar Plexus(yellow-brown)

    • Destroys and repels negative energy
    • For those seeking protection from illness and evil
    • Neutralizing, healing, and protective

Planet: Saturn Day: Saturday Signs: Capricorn & Aquarius Chakras: Root

  • GRAY
    • Brings neutrality
    • For those seeking to find balance with complexities
    • Neutralizing and detoxing

Planet: Moon & Saturn Day: Monday & Saturday Signs: Cancer/Aquarius/Gemini Chakras: Sacral & Crown

    • Cleanses negative energy and purifies
    • For those seeking protection, healing, and wholeness
    • Peace, truth, and unity

Planet: Moon Day: Monday Signs: Cancer Chakras: Crown

Candle Saints & Influences Defined:

  • St. Peter the Apostle – strength, mercy, and forgiveness of sins.
  • Ste. Barbara – strengthens faith and protects from all evil
  • St. Anthony of Padua – Saint of miracles to assist with your goals.
  • Ste. Clare of Assisi – when in quest of knowledge or understanding
  • Archangel Michael – for deliverance from one’s enemies, and for courage
  • St. Martin de Porres – to aid those who suffer from racial injustice
  • Archangel Gabriel – grants wishes and hopes to mortals
  • Ste. Elena – to overcome burdens of sorrow or sadness
  • St. Jude of Thaddeus – Saint of the impossible and hopeless
  • Archangel Raphael – extremely healing to all living beings
  • San Cipriano – to draw relief from worry, pain or misfortune
  • St. Alex – to protect one from Satan and all other foes
  • St. Lazarus – Saint of the poor, can bring many blessings.
  • St. Simon – to relieve pains, aide the sick, and help the poor
  • Ste. Marta – to aid & protect, to overcome all difficulties
  • St. Martin Caballero – the protector of the poor
  • St. Raymond – for peace & love with the home and family
  • Ste. Mercedes – Saint of redemption and mercy
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe – protector of the poor
  • Lady of Fatima – protection of the children
  • Holy Trinity – The Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost
  • Lady of Perpetual Help – to draw comfort, confidence and assistance.
  • 23rd Psalm – goodness and mercy will follow you always.
  • The Holy Family – for protection and love within the family
  • Los Manos Poderoso (Powerful Hands) – seeking comfort from God’s hands
  • Dama de Milagrosa (The Lady of Miracles) – asking for miracles from The Virgin Mary
  • Sacred Heart – to bring multitudes of blessings
  • Crucifixion – for resolution from past errors
  • Nino De Atocha – to bring freedom from punishment, sin and guilt
  • Justo Juez (Holy Judge) – protection in war from harm or enemies
  • Juan Salado – to assist you in fighting your own battles

In Conclusion

Needless to say, meditation with spiritual candles can be very intricate and in depth. No matter what your need, desire, or objective, there is a candle that will colorfully and energetically connect. So, choose mindfully, and burn with deep and pure intent. You can also check our meditation candle collection on Mindful Market.

I hope and pray your future meditation sessions are powerfully evolved with every necessary hue and all desired energies.

Peace and love, always!


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