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Kristen Gmerek

Kristen is a writer, creator, and healing human who falls in love with stories each day. She is currently the Conscious Marketing and Communications Director for Mindful Market.

5 Simple Steps to Make a Conscious Purchase

If you are new to the Conscious Consumer movement, it can feel daunting to step into this space and understand where to begin. Right now, this movement is not only affecting consumer habits, but global production, product development, and marketing tactics for large corporations. Thus, small businesses are making a comeback. The ideology that “what we buy has a direct impact on our world” is crucial.

With that being said, before you pull your favorite deodorant off the shelf at the grocery store, or order more hand sanitizer in bulk online; Here are a few questions to ask your internal conscious consumer… 

Locally Sourced Product

Where was this item made?

Consider where this company creates its product. Is it locally sourced or purchased? Well, this simple ask allows us to evaluate the carbon footprint this product may have on the world. According to Carbon Brief, “Around 22% of global CO2 emissions stem from the production of goods that are, ultimately, consumed in a different country.” 

How was this item made?

What ingredients are found within the product you are looking to purchase. Are they harmful to the environment? This includes the packaging that your product may come in. Also, a simple philosophy to live by is “the less plastic, the better”. That includes avoiding polyester at ALL costs because this is a synthetic plastic material derived from crude oil.

Synthetic Plastic Material Derived

Does this item harm or hurt the world in any way?

Well, some labels that you should be looking for are the Leaping Bunny Certification, Fair Trade, and the recycling symbol. These logos are located near the ingredients or on the main label of a product. As a result, they identify the ethics that went into creating said product and can help you evaluate companies that you can trust.

Does this item align with my values?

Ask yourself, what values do I want to uphold within my Conscious Purchase habits. Do you want everything you touch to be vegan? Do you want to be as eco-friendly as possible? Are you looking to reduce the amount of plastic you consume? Are you hoping to support less exploitation of workers? Lastly, make a list on your phone and use these values to make your purchasing decisions next time you go to the store or find yourself online.

Does this item fill a void or fill a need?

This question is more of an emotionally driven question that can intimate a lot of us. After all, consumerism is built on our emotional response to products. In the age of social media, there is even more of a pull toward wanting more, having more, and “needing more”. Therefore, slowing down to reflect on the “why” of your purchase can help you discern from truly needing something versus purchasing something to fill a desire or avoid. Lastly, it is no secret that purchasing things can give us a temporary mood boost. The keyword here is… Temporary. So, unless you are ready for another retail therapy hangover, we suggest you ask yourself this question next time you are looking for a “quick fix” with the help of your shopping cart. Be open. Be mindful. Be willing to ask the questions.

In a World of Uncertainty, Know Your Values

Let’s start with the obvious. Everyone has their own set of values and goals. This same complexity within individuality does not look any different for conscious consumers. Recognizing that you possess some if not most of the values that fall within conscious consumerism will allow you to step into a community of individuals just like you – wanting more for the world based on the values they uphold.

At Mindful Market, we have over 150 values that connect conscious consumers with products that align with their values. It may seem daunting to sift through all of the possible values, products, and conscious businesses out there, so here is a guide to values and conscious businesses that uphold these values:

  B Corporation – Certified Corporations that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to balance profit and purpose

Do you align with this value? Check out Plaine Products

100% Upcycled – Content that existed once with one purpose and is later transformed for another purpose

Do you align with this value? Check out Yknot Bowties

Safe and Fair Labor – ensuring that products have been developed with equitable and just labor practices

Do you align with this value? Check out Papercraft Miracles

Empowers WomenGiving power to women to decide their own lives and make their own decisions for their personal benefits as well as for society

Do you align with this value? Check out Whole Mala

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Decent Work and Economic Growth – Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all

Do you align with this value? Check out Jim Mondry Coaching

There are many polarizing messages of uncertainty in the world, but if you hold onto your values, you will begin to remember why you are here and what matters to you most.

Know your values. Shop your values.

Let the Conscious Consumer Movement Begin

We need to overcome unconscious consumerism, which is chronic purchasing of new goods and services while not paying attention to your true needs, the quality, origin, or the environment.

  • It’s time to awaken and pay more attention to the companies we support.  
  • It’s time to be mindful that every buying decision made has the power to change the world  
  • It’s time to realize that our choices matter because our purchases enable businesses to function and prosper. 
  • It’s time we are fully aware that when we support a brand that does not follow ethical or sustainable business practices, we are fueling the company to endure the negative effects.  
  • It’s time to look beyond the label.  
  • It’s time to shop your values.  
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