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Kristen Gmerek

Kristen is a writer, creator, and healing human who falls in love with stories each day. She is currently the Conscious Marketing and Communications Director for Mindful Market.

What Is Your Conscious Consumer Alter Ego?

Encouraging Conscious Business

Conscious consumerism is on the rise and as we move toward greater acts of kindness within our shopping habits, we can find ourselves leaning toward certain products & services that speak to a seemingly budding alter ego. So what is YOUR Conscious Consumer Alter Ego? Let’s find out!

Are you the Earth Warrior? 

You are determined to decrease your carbon footprint, bringing equilibrium back to Mother Nature. When you shop you tend to gravitate toward sustainable goods and plant-based products in an effort to consciously put the world’s future first.

Are you the Holistic Hippie?

Your body is priority number one and in order to heal from within you focus on the quality of the things that you put into, on, and around it. From meditating to crystal work, you are not afraid to try the things that research and your own intuition have shown you bring balance and peace to your life.

Are you the Energy Muse?

Your energy is your communicator. You are grounded by the earth and influenced by the interactions you have with others daily. Some call you the empath of your social circle, and you pride yourself on cleansing your life with methods of energy work, balance, and transformation. A crystal here and there in your home or around your neck doesn’t hurt either…

Are you the Movement Maven?

Movement is and always will be your medicine. It can be a calm walk on the beach or a vinyasa flow on your mat. You are always searching for movement as a means to get out of your head and into your body.

Did you resonate with one or all of the Alter Egos above? I definitely did. Here Is a list of goodies from Mindful Market that we think will speak to your inner Warrior, Hippie, Muse, and Maven…

For The Earth Warrior

  1. Reusable Straw Pack – Shop Now
  2. Sandwich Bags (No Plastic Needed) – Shop Now
  3. Vegan Deodorant – Shop Now 

For The Holistic Hippie

  1. Herbalist Session – Shop Now
  2. Non-Artificial Loose Leaf Tea – Shop Now
  3. Healing Crystal Pendant – Shop Now

For The Energy Muse

  1. Reiki Session – Shop Now
  2. Mala Beads – Shop Now
  3. Meditation Candle – Shop Now

The Movement Maven

  1. Custom Yoga Mat – Shop Now
  2. Reusable Water Bottle – Shop Now
  3. Private Online Yoga Session – Shop Now