What is Conscious Business?

Does the term Conscious Business make you feel a little uneasy?  Admittedly, even though I have been immersed in the world of “purpose-driven” companies for many years, I still use alternative words when speaking of, or writing about, Conscious Capitalism Businesses. In truth, up to this point in time, consciousness + business didn’t quite gel in my mind. However, as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic, I feel the entrepreneurial masses are warming up to both the word and the concept of
Conscious Business Model and conscious business enterprise.

Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Environmentally Conscious Businesses are the future of commerce.  Conscious business leadership is the future of management. The future is now.

Conscious Business Defined

Conscious business enterprises choose to follow strategies aimed to enrich: human beings within and outside the organization, surrounding communities, and the planet as a whole.

Conscious business principles:

  • Operate with a higher purpose
    • Conscious business exist to elevate humanity
  • Are cognizant of ALL the stakeholders within the organization
    • Conscious business enterprises care about everyone in their ecosystem
  • Are comprised of highly conscious leadership
    • Conscious leaders throughout the organization, at every level, focus on “we” not “me” and put people first.
  • Offer a conscious culture to all associates
    • Conscious businesses intentionally foster cultures with high levels of accountability, authenticity, integrity, fairness, loyalty, personal growth, and genuine caring.

Encouraging Conscious Business

Associates are always changing and growing, and for this reason, want to work for a company that is agile and exists to make a difference.  This illustrates the shift towards a more values-based way of doing business that enriches and benefits both the employees and the environment. Importantly, what are some simple steps conscious leaders can do to help foster a business that feels good?

  1. Give back.  Donate to charities and do good in the community.
  2. Construct a culture of health and wellness.
  3. Connect in a collaboration room
  4. Introduce mindfulness to all associates
  5. Create a culture of curiosity and learning
  6. Collaborate and do business with other conscious businesses
  7. Streamline meetings and make them productive
encouraging conscious business

Quality Consciousness in Business

What is quality consciousness and why is the notion important when building a conscious business?

Quality consciousness refers to the awareness of oneself and your environment and the potential impact it can have on customers and clients.  Consequently, the more in alignment we are within ourselves, the better we will attune to the needs of all stakeholders within the ecosystem of the organization.  In other words, you must achieve alignment of your consciousness with that of the organization which will in turn help in full activity and engagement of the senses. The foundation of any conscious businesses is built upon conscious associates that are in alignment with themselves and the needs of the customers.

Conscious Business Community

Why is community so important when building a conscious business?

Conscious businesses seek to serve others before themselves.  Moreover, they have an innate longing to support and collaborate with other conscious businesses.  Illustrated by leadership’s “we” not “me” mentality within an organization, businesses all have a mantra that revolves around “together we thrive!”.  Most important conscious businesses have a higher purpose and understand that surrounding themselves and partnering with other conscious business enterprises with similar visions will only strengthen their foothold within their particular industry.

Conscious Business Community

Post-Covid 19, Conscious Business is Critical

The pandemic taught me the earth needed a pause and so did I. Nevertheless, I became much more self-aware during the coronavirus.  As a result, I began to pause before I procured and pondered, more than ever, the global impact my purchases are making.  All things considered, I had the time to become an avid conscious consumer who researched the company I was supporting and made sure I was in alignment with their values/mission/vision.  In short, my gut tells me I am not alone and there is an exponential positive shift in the conscious consumer movement. Businesses are going to have to change their ways in order to survive.  Ultimately, conscious business, both the word and the concept, is here to stay.

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