What We Need to Bring Into 2021, and What We Need to Leave Behind

Bring Into 2021

As we approach 2021, we want to acknowledge the things we have learned, the moments that have challenged us, and the lessons we hope to carry into the new year. Reflecting on the solitude and distance that has been a common theme this year there is a sense of burnout and fatigue. But I believe there are also moments where we have seen the resilience and strength of humanity unfold before us. Mother nature needs us more than ever, BIPOC needs us to step up and acknowledge our privilege, high-risk individuals need us to do our part and wear a mask… The list goes on… Since this year has been overwhelming enough, here is a list of things I think we need to carry into the new year and things we need to leave behind. 

What We Need to Bring Into 2021

The keyword here is “need”. We are boiling down to the essentials because that is what is necessary in order to change the course of our world and our own well-being. So what do we need to bring with us into 2021 to ensure a better future and a sense of evolved normalcy once again?

Reusable Necessities

There is too much proof. Too many options and too many excuses to keep going for single-use items. It’s time to carry more reusable essentials into our day-to-day lives for 2021. Enough of the plastic straws. Enough of the takeout napkins and utensils. We need to acknowledge that these little moments in our lives are creating a greater impact. This holiday season, consider investing in more reusable necessities. You can find plenty of options right here at Mindful Market.


We need more compassion for our earth, for others, and for ourselves. This year has uprooted and exposed so many aspects of our world that have been hurting for a long time. Instead of clinging to defensiveness, we need to have more compassion. Be gentle with ourselves through hardships and acknowledge the hardships that others move through. 


The more time we have had to remain home, the more time we have had to reflect on the meaning and purpose of life. Why are we here? What is my purpose? How am I taking part in improving the lives of others? Self-reflection is such a powerful tool and costs nothing. Bringing this exercise into 2021 will make all the difference within our steps forward.

Self Reflection Bring Into 2021

What We Need to Leave Behind

The hate, the fear, the disconnection. 2020 has been a testament to how much we have numbed ourselves to the world around us. It has held a mirror up to our society and asked over and over again, “Is this the world you truly want to live in?”.


Stop. Using. Plastic. I am also a culprit and it is a challenge since so many companies are still reliant on plastic to package products. The more we can do to stop investing in plastic, the stronger the message we send to companies about what matters – Mother Nature.


It has always been easy to get sucked into the comparison vortex thanks to social media. Productivity and accomplishment always seem to be the common theme, but if you simply moved through 2020 just focusing on survival, your mental health/well-being, or both. That is enough. You are enough. Let go of the idea that what you see on social media is a standard you have to live up to.


We are ALL feeling this in one way or another. I am not saying you can simply drop burnout on command, but you can start addressing its place in your life and find resources to balance things out again. Therapy, yoga, nature bathing, meditation, and journaling are a few of my favorite go-to’s when I am feeling the burnout blues. 

What do you need to bring into 2021 and what do you need to leave behind? Just some food for thought.

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