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Keep your money where your heart is. By making the decision to buy from local vendors, you are supporting your neighborhood businesses while also encouraging your community and the Mindful Market community to thrive and grow together.

Everybody likes to feel great about the way that they look and fashion can be a fun way to feel good. Whether it's accessories, apparel, footwear or jewelry, Mindful Market vendors provide a wide array of options. Search our marketplace for values-aligned, eco-friendly and ethical fashion options, such as chi-infused t-shirts, organic cotton baby clothes, hemp shoes, bamboo wrist watches, vegan totes and tees, and apparel made with Fair Trade practices.

Discover exciting jewelry options in our marketplace. There are many delightful choices, whether you are searching for fashion accessories that are hypoallergenic and non toxic, created from recycled materials, made with Fair Trade practices or support developing nations or ethical causes. From coffee bean earrings, Buddhist bead necklaces, crystal pendants, African recycled glass beaded jewelry, recycled flip flop bracelets, bamboo watches, or eco-friendly hand-crafted rings, Mindful Market vendors have it all.

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