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Our long-awaited, Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are now available!! Are you in search of some type of guidance? Perhaps you might be seeking a little inspiration or wisdom to help clear mind-noise and have a tool to help you provide a bit more clarity? Do you continue to hit roadblocks, and might appreciate a beautiful handcrafted candle to aid in illuminating your next step(s)? Allow the beautiful energy from our signature Mystic Pines Fortune Candle to create that ‘spark’ you need…ignite the fire within, and tap into the wisdom that resides inside your soul to guide you. Gifts of Three Come to Thee! The 1st Gift you will receive as your candle burns down are words of guidance and support. Your personal message appears through the crystal ball. There are no two messages alike! Once your candle burns all the way down to the socket, your 2nd Gift reveals itself. Patiently waiting for you is a beautiful crystal/stone - amplifying the sacred intention of your Mystic Pines Fortune Candle. When your candle has burned low enough to reveal your personal message through the Crystal Ball on the front label, and retrieved your crystal/stone at the bottom of your candle jar…your 3rd Gift awaits! Gently pull the tiny ribbon located on the back label’s lower right-hand corner. Here you will find your personal code to receive a 30 minute intuitive/tarot reading with Christina Cox. Every single candle I handcraft will possess a unique code that can only be used once. If patience is truly a virtue for you, I ask that you please wait to schedule your reading with me once your candle has fully extinguished and your crystal/stone has been revealed to you. Please know that the code on your candle is required in order to schedule our time together. Readings can be scheduled via Zoom or FaceTime, or in-person at our shoppe. ***To retrieve your stone, once your candle has burned down low enough, or when you are completely done burning it, warm to hot water and a butter knife or chopstick works well in loosening up the crystal/stone to remove it…but please only do this once your candle has burned down low enough!*** Currently Available: Abundance - Gold Candle Healing - Light Green Intuition - Purple Candle Purify & Protect - White Candle Love - Pink Candle Our Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are handcrafted, 100% soy and beeswax, hand-blessed, and crowned with specific herbs and oils to enhance their spiritual vibration. Each candle is infused with specific, high-grade fragrance and essential oils…and as a part of the mystery, you will not know what your candle is infused with until you receive it. Brightest blessings from my hands, heart and home to yours! ~ Christina
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AboutWhat's so 'Mystic' about 'Pine?' The power of Pine trees have always held a magical presence in my life for as long as I can remember. My relationship with my beautiful husband began in Mystic, CT. People have thought that this is where part of ...

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