Nantucket Spider + Nantucket Footprint

Nantucket Spider + Nantucket Footprint

Natural Essential Oil Bug Repellents & Zero-Waste Cleaning Products

Nantucket Spider + Nantucket Footprint

Nantucket Spider and Nantucket Footprint are our two lines of people and planet-friendly products. Through Nantucket Spider we sell natural essential oil bug repellents, both in spray and incense stick form. Our sprays are formulated using a blend of natural, organic essential oils to repel mosquitos, ticks, and biting flies. Not only do Nantucket Spider's repellents work great, but they also smell and feel light and fresh. Our sprays are non-greasy and our 8 and 16 oz sizes come with our signature fine mist trigger sprayer, which enable a thorough yet light application over your entire body. Our outdoor incense sticks are also formulated using natural organic essential oils, and create a beautiful, aromatic atmosphere when sitting out on the patio. 

Nantucket Footprint is our line of zero-waste cleaning products. All of our cleaning products are packaged in aesthetic, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and are sold in a concentrated, dissolvable strip format. Our tagline for this product line is "with little footprints in mind", and we do our best to keep our eco footprint as small as possible. We like to remind our customers; however, that just having environmentally-friendly packaging is not enough; ingredients and effectiveness are as important to us. Our products all contain cosmetic-grade ingredients and we have made a point to exclude all chemicals on the "Suzuki Dirty Dozen" list (which are often found in other "green" cleaners). 


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