Organic V-Steaming Herbs for Postpartum, Fertility, and Womb Wellness ~ Yoni Steaming

Organic V-Steaming Herbs for Postpartum, Fertility, and Womb Wellness ~ Yoni Steaming

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My herbal blend for v-steaming is made with organic, locally sourced herbs that are uniquely chosen for their healing qualities offered which supports: ✨Postpartum healing ✨Women who are trying to conceive ✨A healthy menstrual cycle/flow ✨Build more blood which is great for anemic women post menstrual phase ✨Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapses and weakness ✨A healthy pH balance and removes harmful bacteria causing chronic BV, yeast, and UTI’s ✨Preparing the body for birth ✨Women transitioning to menopause ✨Toning the tissues of he vaginal canal ✨Vaginal dryness My organic v-steaming blend includes the following herbs that I found work so beautifully together. Motherwort: great for balancing hormones, rejuvenating the reproductive system by increasing blood flow, clearing out yeast or bacterial infection with its anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties, and most renowned for easing menstrual cramping or pains. Mugwort: a fantastic herb for regulating the menstrual cycle, stimulating blood circulation, and eases menstrual cramps. Rosemary: an antiseptic, cleanses blood and the uterus, and stimulates circulation Rose: revitalizes the sexual organs, increases vaginal lubrication and sensitivity, can increase sex drive and intimacy Marigold/Calendula: brings healing to the vaginal tissues and helps aid in rebuilding tissues after birth. Can also aid with heavy flow menstruation and ease cramps, anti-inflammatory Yarrow: great herb for chronic infections, phenomenal postpartum herb as it aids in healing wounds (stitches or tearing postpartum), and is Lemon Balm: antiviral herb, brings relaxation to the pelvic muscles, great herb for pregnant mamas to relax pelvic floor muscles and open up for birth, also relieves PMS symptoms Lavender: anti-fungal, antiviral herb that has a sweet aroma, adds calmness and relaxation to the process, relaxes nerves and muscles, which can help with pelvic floor health * Options are 1 pack, which is about 2oz - good for two to three steams. Or purchase the 3 pack which is A total of 6oz - good for 4-6 steams. * If you want to learn more about v-steaming and the benefits of steaming read more here:
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