Prickly Lettuce Tincture

Prickly Lettuce Tincture

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Prickly lettuce is used to help get better sleep, especially when your mind is racing, and reduces pain. Matthew Wood, a renowned herbalist, says it can also be used by those people with a lot of negative thinking, for the type of person who sits and thinks the worst before it happens. As a bitter, prickly lettuce stimulates the flow of digestive secretions. It is soothing to inflamed mucous membranes, making it effective in easing bronchitis, asthma and dry, irritating coughs by helping to loosen and expel phlegm. It also helps promote lactation and helps with allergy symptoms. I foraged this plant in central Minnesota. NOTE: 1 oz bottles and a dropper Dosages - Tinctures are meant to be used as medicine in small amounts. Add 10-20 drops to your tea, juice, water or directly into your mouth when needed. Dosages for children are not provided in most herbals. To determine the correct dose you need to consider the size of the child, the ailment, the power of the herb you intend to use, and the adult dosage. Young's Rule for determining dosage uses the child's age divided by twelve plus the age. The dosage for a 4 year old: 4/12+4 = 4/16 = 1/4 of the adult dose. I use the folk method for making all my tinctures, which uses no measurements except sizing things up with your eyes. So I put the plant material in a jar and then fill with alcohol. For more information on herbs and to read my blog, go to
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