RESIST / Craving Prevention Support Formula

RESIST / Craving Prevention Support Formula

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RESIST was developed by Dr. Josie L. Tenore because of awareness that many people struggle with food cravings and/or addictions. After some extensive research into the nutrients/supplements that may be helpful, RESIST was created. The following is a quick reference guide on the ingredients that were chosen and what their uses are, followed by a more detailed discussion on the entire topic of cravings, addiction and the role in weight management. RESIST is a proprietary blend of N-acetyl-cysteine, Citicholine and Theanine. What are these ingredients and what do they do exactly? N-acetyl-cysteine [NAC] NAC regulates the glutaminergic system in the brain, and so satisfies the reward centers of the brain, thus reducing compulsive behaviors and cravings. As a weight loss aid, NAC aids fat loss by interfering with the interaction of insulin with the fat cells, hence preventing fat storage, and enhancing the mobilization of fat out of storage and used for energy at an accelerated rate. In English this means: NAC stimulates those cells in the brain that cause the cravings. It also doesn’t allow insulin to store fat; thereby the fat can be used for energy. Citicoline Citicoline plays a vital role in the support of neural functions such as mental alertness, focus and memory. Studies have also shown that citicoline reduces food cravings and increases the levels of dopamine in people addicted to cocaine. In people not addicted to cocaine, citicoline increases the responses of the brain to food stimulus that are linked with reduced appetite. Just as NAC aids fat loss, so does citicoline accelerates the use of fat by the body and even prompts the liver to dispose of stored or trapped fats thereby helping the body to be more efficient in burning fat. TRANSLATION: Citicoline also stimulates other cells in the brain to decrease cravings and decrease appetite. It also tells the liver to get rid of fat. Theanine Theanine is a supplement that enhances the effect of Gamma aminobutyric acid, elevates dopamine and serotonin and contributes to a decrease in the chemical reaction causing cravings and addictions. TRANSLATION: Theanine stimulates the brain to release chemicals that helps to calm you and improve mood. Food cravings Food cravings constitute an impediment to people who desire to maintain a healthy weight, or are attempting to adapt a healthier diet. Food craving or cravings of any form refers to an intense, often irresistible desire for a particular kind of food [or substance]. The desire is usually uncontrollable, and it may not be resolved until the person gets the substance they desired. DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule 1-2 times daily before your usual craving time(s). For additional fat-burning or immune support, take 2 capsules twice daily.
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