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Reviveleatherworks - repurposing leather into one-of-a-kind bags

Revive Leatherworks

Turning old and discarded into functional, wearable art.

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Revive Leatherworks

Revive's bags are made from repurposed leather, vintage fabrics, and ethically sourced new materials (when necessary). My work reflects a desire the limit the amount of waste going into our landfills, and a love of design and creation.

Each bag has it’s own character, that is taken from the coat or upholstery that gave it life. I let the original leather help me decide how the bag will take shape. 

Reward yourself with exclusive fashion without the ethical pricetag


Ethically Sourced

Woman Owned Business

Post Consumer Recycled

100% Upcycled


We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Responsible Consumption And Production

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