Rooted Locally - Microgreens and Edible Flowers

Rooted Locally, LLC

We supply restaurants and home chefs with locally-sourced, highly nutritious microgreens and edible flowers that are chemical-free, non-GMO and ultra-fresh at an affordable price.

Rooted Locally, LLC

Microgreens are herbs and vegetables - just a smaller version of the larger plants. They are a delicious ingredient that not only elevate the flavor of any dish, they also make plating an art form. They are nutritionally-packed and come in an unbelievable range of flavors! Rooted Locally grows microgreens and edible flowers year-round using vertical farming methods in a controlled space with only organic soil and all non-GMO seeds. We never use chemicals on our products. Check out all the varieties we have available. You also have the option of buying the microgreens pre-cut or live in the trays. If you don't see something you want, please let us know because we are happy to custom-grow it for you! Rooted Locally practices green initiatives too through our Recycling Buy-Back Program. When you return your clean tray and bottom to us on your next order, we will buy it back so we can reuse it again!


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